Streaming Music on Hold for IPitomy Appliances

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The inevitable transition from older Key and PBX systems to IP-based phone systems continues, and Easy On Hold is at the forefront of IP music on hold. With its newest release, IP-PBX systems provider IPitomy allows integration of the Easy On Hold streaming solution for music and messages on hold.

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The trend toward hosted IP telephony for business phone systems is demanding changes in music on hold message technology.[8] In November, 2013, introduced custom messages on hold streams for use with Asterisk and OnSIP phone systems

- Wikipedia - Music On Hold

Set Up Your iPitomy Stream for MOH

  1. From the PBX Setup=>Music on Hold page, locate the Create a Playlist section. Choose Streaming. Streaming will pull from the URL provided by Easy On Hold
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter a single word description of the playlist in the Name field
  4. Set the URL to your streaming source. The URL will be provided for you by Easy On Hold. Copy and paste the URL
  5. Click the "Save Changes" button to save the changes
  6. Click on the Apply Changes link at the top of the page to save the information and commit the changes to the database
  7. The new Playlist name is added to the playlist on the Music on Hold page
Set Up Your iPitomy Stream for MOH

Note, IPitomy, which uses the SIP standard, randomly assigns RTP ports in the range of 10,000-20,000. The music on hold stream should avoid using ports in that range.

Set Up Your iPitomy Stream for MOH

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  6. Multiple unique streams can be provisioned for use by specific departments and extensions
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All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold®. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold

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The Streaming MOH Technical Brief for network and telephony professionals
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  3. Port scheme
  4. Live reporting features
  5. Telephony platforms supported
  6. New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
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