Audio management for delivering unique caller experiences

Manage your message on hold content with the Content Control CenterTM from Easy on Hold

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Content is one thing, but how do you manage it all?

This is what's known as the phone on hold dilemma. You want to deliver a unique caller experience with relevant messages, timely info, and regular updates, but this requires IT personnel to regularly update files in the phone system. This dilemma leads companies to waste time managing audio files or worse, give up on having fresh content entirely.

Instead, give Marketing full control over the caller experience with our powerful and user-friendly Content Control Centerâ„¢. You'll have the flexibility to create, manage and schedule your on hold messages, IVR/auto attendant prompts, and streaming hit music all from one dashboard. See how it works:

Content Control Centerâ„¢ features

Scheduling Easy on Hold Vector


Play messages or music on certain dates, times or choose when they should start and stop.

Message Control Easy on Hold Vector

Message control

Messages can be switched on and off in real time to make sure that everything is up-to-date and current.

Ordering Content Easy on Hold Vector


Easily combine messages or change the order they are played in.

Exporting Files Easy on Hold Vector

Export audio files

Export audio files of your messages for use on phone systems.

Script Templates Easy on Hold Vector

Script templates

Choose from a library of industry scripts or make changes to have quick updates for callers.

Production management Easy on Hold Vector

Production Management

Brief new message recordings, choose the voice or language, review and provide feedback all from one place.

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