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  2. Licensed music,including popular hits
  3. Redundant, customized streams
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Cisco VVB and CUCM Queue/Hold Music

In the Spring of 2019, Easy On Hold was chosen by Cisco to develop the only Cisco-supported solution for streaming live content into VVB for callers in queue. The solution, provided both in the cloud and on-premise, has been fully validated by Cisco for use in VVB version 12.5.

The solution is part of the Streaming Queue Music software suite, deployed on-premise or from the cloud. For a proof-of-concept please Contact Us.

Cloud-based streaming queue music is approved and best used for installations of up to 500 concurrent connections. For more than 500 concurrent connections a premise based solution is available.

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Rather than playing a licensed music audio file as the default music on hold source, CUCM can use a multicast IP address to stream content such as custom voiced messages and licensed hit music by popular artists.

The new Easy On Hold 2-Channel Business Audio System can be configured to output an RTP stream CUCM likes.

Note: Not available for CUCM version 10.5 (May, 2014) or earlier.

How Cisco CUCM Music Stream Works

Because the CUCM multicast is a broadcast, the RTP stream provided by the EOH 2-C BAS can be a resource to play music and messages on any number of lines. Essentially, Easy On Hold provides the end-user a music-control portal used to set Text content preferences. Then, an https .mp3 stream is integrated into the EOH 2-C BAS device on-premise. The Easy On Hold device transcodes the content to an RTP stream on an IP address for the CUCM to broadcast.

Why is the device needed?

Cisco CUCM will not recognize a stream in http. Nor will it allow use of a streaming licensed music source that is not hosted on its own network. Therefore, we mount a device on the Cisco network and let it do all the work of generating an acceptable RTP stream. The 2-C BAS device receives the stream from the Easy On Hold servers and broadcasts the RTP audio stream over the same, single ethernet connection.

Guides and Insights

The Streaming MOH Technical Brief for network and telephony professionals

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The Streaming MOH Technical Brief for network and telephony professionals
  1. Stream security, redundancy, management
  2. Formats, sample rates, bandwidth
  3. Port scheme
  4. Live reporting features
  5. Telephony platforms supported
  6. New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
  7. User portal
  8. New 2-Channel streaming device
  9. Why your business team will love streaming