Streaming Hold Music Feature

no longer available in Fusion Connect®

When Fusion acquired Megapath in June of 2018, it picked up a useful capability: live streaming music on hold. This easily overlooked feature can be a significant differentiator for Fusion and can a sense of forward-thinking to its brand image.

Unfortunately, Fusion has migrated Megapath customers to its own platform, which does not support streaming music on hold. Fusion representatives have told us the migration will be completed early in 2022.

Easy On Hold® streaming solution will work on Fusion Connect—in the futurem

One of the many existing Easy On Hold® Streaming Queue Music™ outputs is designed to interface with the underlying technology used by the Fusion platform. However, Fusion Tier-2 Support is telling customers they are only able to use .mp3 or .wav files and cannot stream.

For now, load audio files

The EOH Customer Control Center will simplify your need to download audio files for use on the Fusion Connect platform. Ann easy-to-use download lets you arrange topics as you like and download in the .mp3 or .wav format required by Fusion.

We have made efforts to help Fusion address the feature gap that exists in their music/message on hold solution. The files on the Fusion platform play from the beginning every time a caller is plaed on hold, adding to the repetitive sound that causes call abandonment.

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Streaming Hold Music For Other Cloud-Based VoIP Providers

You may want to look into using NEXTIVA for phone services, as they have welcomed the idea of streaming music and messages on hold. Another reliable solution is OnSIP.

We work with TPX and many other providers that have the streaming hold music feature you are looking for.

Guides and Insights

The Streaming MOH Technical Brief for network and telephony professionals

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The Streaming MOH Technical Brief for network and telephony professionals
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  2. Formats, sample rates, bandwidth
  3. Port scheme
  4. Live reporting features
  5. Telephony platforms supported
  6. New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
  7. User portal
  8. New 2-Channel streaming device
  9. Why your business team will love streaming