Yeastar Streaming Hold Music and Messages

  1. http hold music/messages streams
  2. Content management portal
  3. Licensed music, including popular hits
  4. Redundant, customized streams.
  5. Fully supported Yeastar integration
Yeastar Streaming Hold Music and Messages

Yeastar S50, S100 and S300® Music and Message On Hold Streams

Achieve higher caller satisfaction ratings with unique custom streaming MOH content.

  1. Streaming hold music and messages in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Version
  2. Follow instructions for creating a new playlist, which streams URI provided by Easy On Hold®
  3. Use up to 3 unique streams (Streaming Music Playlists)
  4. Learn more: Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX (see pp. 234-235)

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Get the right solution for your callers

  1. Find out what costs may be involved
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Allow business and marketing teams to manage on hold music and messages remotely

  1. Stream content is managed from a personalized, user-friendly control panel. Multiple persons may have log in privileges
  2. Changes are heard immediately on the stream, or can be scheduled with custom start and stop dates
  3. Streaming audio content can be shared across multiple call groups, or uniquely assigned to each of many call groups (sales, support, regions, etc.)
  4. Emergency messages can be quickly turned on (with automatic stop date) for a particular queue

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