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Easily manage messages on hold audio files in your Easy On Hold® portal.

Our experts help you connect with callers using custom music and messages for 3CX phone on hold marketing.

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Music On Hold for 3CX

Achieve higher caller satisfaction ratings with unique custom MOH content.

  1. PRO version of 3CX StartUP is required, or contact your 3CX representative.
  2. Under the "Music" tab, upload your custom on hold messages audio file.
  3. Learn more: 3CX StartUP Guide

Tips for using hold music files on 3CX

  1. The hold button plays the audio file from the beginning for each caller. Break the monotony! Use the "Combine & Download" feature in your EOH Portal (Content Control Center) to make different versions of the hold messages. Change periodically.
  2. The maximum file size for hold music messages in 3CX is 20 MB. Since you will be downloading 16Khz 8Bit monaural PCM .wav audio, you can load up to 20 minutes of audio!
  3. Easy On Hold® will assign a Customer Success Representative to your companay, who will periodically will call to listen and evaluate your music on hold messages quality. Please designate a phone number to be used for testing. This can be a call agent, receptionist, marketing represntative or IT team member.

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