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...make smaller companies sound big, and bigger companies sound friendly.

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Which style of messages on hold fits your brand and callers?


choose any style of music, add voiced announcements

We offer a traditional messages on hold sound, which blends custom scripted announcements over background music. Start with 8 unique topics, each with their own music background. Grow your library of topics over time.

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for callers on mobile devices

Our TRANSITIONS hold messages feature announcements with no music background. Short musical transitions are played between announcements. This greatly improves the sound quality for callers on mobile phones.



stream your favorite artists

We offer LOGO RADIO™, which positions your brand between popular songs for a "custom radio station" sound. Station IDs, daypart greetings and tag lines are featured. A great solution for longer hold times. You may also choose HIT MUSIC with any custom announcements between songs.

Hit Music


How do I get messages on hold to play on my phones?


stream live or locally-stored audio

A phone system at your place of business may be able to use an audio connection from a device that plays a live stream of audio or locally-stored .mp3 files. Our 2-Channel Business Audio System device is also capable of providing a digital connection to CISCO CUCM and Genesys Pure Engage platforms.

On Premise Device


for callers on mobile devices

Most VoIP (off-premise or hosted) phone services (platforms) and some on-premise platforms allow the use of .mp3 audio files. Use Easy On Hold® scripting, voice, music and recording services to create the right audio file required by your platform. Follow the link below to learn about the new way to manage audio files for messages on hold.

VoIP Phone Music


stream your favorite artists

Easy On Hold® developed live streaming audio for telephone systems back in 2013. We provide a custom URL stream for many phone platforms, including Avaya, FreePBX, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Bicom Systems, Fortinet, iPitomy and others. We offer a free "test stream" as a proof of concept for the telephony solution you're using.

Why Streaming

No matter what system or platform, Easy On Hold® has 20+ years of experience getting your callers connected to messages on hold that improve your image and generate more business.

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Why Custom Voiced Messages On Hold?

  • Affordable marketing that influences your target audience.
  • Build your brand; coordinate with other marketing efforts.
  • Easy to implement—works with all phone systems.
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The most preferred method of reaching a business is still the phone.

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The average person will spend 43 days of his/her life waiting on hold.

Steward Gandolf recommends messages on hold

Placing a caller on hold is a risk and an invaluable marketing opportunity.

Stewart Gandolf, Healthcare Success

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88% of callers prefer to hear information while waiting.

Rapp & Collins

W.P. Carey School of Business

What people don’t want to hear when they call customer service is, “Your call is important to us".

W.P. Carey School of Business

British Journal of Psychology

Commonly-used phrases such as, “please hold” can actually increase caller abandonment rates.


for fewer hangups and more business

Max 50 Words

How much can people remember in 20 or 30 seconds? Aim for 50 words per message (topic). Good script writers write for "the ear" not the eye. The key is to use no more than one idea per topic or paragraph.

Variety Wins

Today's callers crave variety. Gone are the days of one long, boring piece of music interrupted by voiced announcements. The new best practice is to build a library of short, self-contained single-topic recordings, each with its own unique music background.

Be Unpredictable

When callers can detect a pattern, they simply start counting the number of minutes that have gone by. Vary the length of each topic to create the unpredictability that makes hold time seem shorter than it actually is.


Use the Easy On Hold® streaming messages on hold system to play topics in a random order. This adds to the uniqueness of the message on hold experience (unpredictability prevents premature hang-ups).


Greet visitors with, "good morning" and "good afternoon". Use simple greetings that reference the day of the week. It's a pleasant, unexpected experience that always makes callers extra-happy.


Studies confirm: "thank you for calling" greetings increase hang-ups. Project your brand as vibrant and up-to-date. Avoid generic or "general use" messages. Always use relevant, time-sensitive messages.


All topics are not of equal importance. Topics that are the most valuable, topics that are "right-now" important should play for often so every caller is sure to take notice.


How to stay organized? Scripts and recordings should be easily available online. Text and/or email reminders should alter you when time-sensitive topics are nearing end-dates.