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Messages On Hold Samples Human + AI Voice IVR

Messages on hold inform, upsell and improve your image

When you want more than good hold music. Add voiced on hold messages that help your callers while they wait. How many times have you heard useless "please hold" phrases and thought "they really don't care that I'm on hold." Or sat through the same message on hold over and over again in a loop? Or worse, heard a message that clearly expired a month ago?

Professional voice message greetings for IVR prompts improve customer experience

We now have an AI Voice Generator for text-to-speech human voice. Choose a human voice IVR recording, then for quick fixes and on-the-fly prompts that match your IVR and message on hold voice.

Voiced on hold messages for business

Instead of letting your callers hear default music, repetitive or outdated messages while they wait, keep callers informed about your business. Our custom scripting and voice audio recording services can help customers find self-directed support channels. They can learn about special promotions, too. Hold messages can be downloaded as audio recordings in mp3, wav or other formats, or try streaming live audio with automated scheduling.

Get inspired and hear different samples of professional on hold messages with music.

Human + AI IVR Voice Recordings

Your IVR is the voice of customer service at your business or call center. To avoid caller confusion, all IVR voice greetings should be in one consistent voice.

But what happens when you need a voice IVR recording in a hurry? With Easy On Hold® you can still have that same voice. Our text to speech AI voice generator uses a clone of that same human voice in your IVR. Human voices with their ai voice text to speech cloned voice is the perfect combinaton for the professional contact center. Ask about a demo today.

Overhead Business Announcements

We make it easy for your visitors to hear announcements in your lobby, retail store or offices. Seasonal messages, welcome messages, promotions and important information can be scheduled and automated. It's easy to set up schedules for announcements to play any time of day or on a special schedule. Works with overhead/background music.

Human + AI Voice Translations

Fast, accurate translations are available in more than 80 languages. Human and AI Voice recordings can be provided in a few days or just one minute. Choose from human voices in multiple languages or AI Voice Translations from our AI voice generator. Convenient and effective. Ask for a demo.

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Voiced Messages On Hold Features

Streaming on Hold Messages Easy on Hold Vector

Streaming on hold messages

Change messages in real time, have no more files to manage, and back-up audio with little or no equipment.

Unique On Hold Experience Easy on Hold Vector

Unique on hold experience

Randomize the order, vary the length, provide variety and use relevant time-sensitive messages.

Voice blended with music Easy on Hold Vector

Voice blended with music

Say goodbye to boring loops with creative advertising or narrations blended over music.

Voice and Music Transitions Easy on Hold Vector

Link voice and music with transitions

Provide clearer and better experiences on mobile devices.

Scripting and Recording Easy on Hold Vector

Scripting and recording

We work with you to create the right on hold message scripts for your audience and deliver them with professional voice overs.

Voice over artists Easy on Hold Vector

226 Voice over artists

Including 50 languages and dialects to localize your messages for different states, regions or countries.

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