NEW! Professional IVR recordings by humans and their matching clones in our text to speech ai voice generator

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Start with human voice talent.

You can’t do better than professional voice-over artists, who are already the favored voices millions of callers hear daily. Some reasons for continuing to use human voice talent are:

  • Consistency: Our professional voice talent provides a consistent brand voice across your phone system. Their natural, emotive tones resonate with callers, creating a memorable experience.
  • Expertise: Years of experience ensure flawless delivery, proper pronunciation, and engaging intonation. Your brand’s image is maintained through every prompt.
  • Customization: Need a specific tone? Our human voice talent adapts effortlessly, whether friendly, authoritative, or empathetic. Why sound corporate when you can be compassionate?

The fusion of AI and IVR Voice

If you manage a contact center, you might be saying, “Yeah, human prompts sound the best, but what if we need to make a change without notice? What if we need some custom voice recordings right now?”

Your solution is an always-ready text-to-speech AI voice clone of the human IVR talent already on your platform.

  • Multiple AI voice-over options
  • AI voice clones of the Easy On Hold voices you may already be using
  • AI translator provides 68 languages and dialects in written and spoken form
  • Instant translation services, including text and audio
  • Download in any audio format
  • Easily organized and stored in the Easy On Hold Cloud
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Call Center IVR

IVRs (interactive voice response) when done correctly provide excellent customer service and make it easier to interact with your business.

With Easy on Hold you can give callers a more personalized experience while taking your call center to an entirely new level.

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Professional Automated Attendant

When your Auto Attendant provides verbal directions to callers, voice quality and accuracy are important.

Easy On Hold offers a wide range of prompt voices and voiced messages that sound just right for your type of industry or area of expertise.

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68 Languages in AI, and 226 human voices in 48+ languages & dialects

We offer the best voiceovers from around the world, and now the fastest. Human voice talent or lifelike AI voices.

Enjoy accurate translations and high-quality, professional voice recordings.

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