Simple, secure. Made for Teams Phone.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Easy On Hold streaming hold music integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone, one of the most popular and widely used communications platforms in business. Now, companies can stream up to one hour of music from a choice of genres without repeats or file size limits.

Streaming music for Teams Phone by Easy On Hold is an easy-to-implement audio solution for playing properly licensed hold music. More variety, no hassles. Genres can be changed anytime in the Easy On Hold control portal.

Better music made easy

  1. Stop changing out audio files on the phone platform.
  2. Reduce caller dissatisfaction.
  3. Choose from a special selection of music for Teams Phone, fully licensed for your use globally.
  4. Music is organized into channels (genres), each playing about one hour of music, without repetition.
  5. Free 14-day trial.
  6. Change the music genre at any time, as often as desired, or opt for a Premium Account with more content options.
  7. Your Teams Tenant ID is required to generate a personalized, secure stream and user account with Easy On Hold®.
  8. Once configured, changes to your audio stream content will be made using your Easy On Hold® Content Control Center (your online portal).

Tech Tips

Visit the Microsoft article about Music On Hold for Teams Phone for technical information.

Audio files available

The music stream provides a continuous variety of music for callers on hold. For queue-hold, ask for matching audio files for a seamless experience. (Unique terms apply.)

Subscription Plans

Pricing is based on the number of users in your platform and the content plan chosen.


One stream, one music channel (genre) at a time. Change the channel to other available Teams Phone music channels at any time, as often as desired.

  • Up to 25 users: $9/month
  • Up to 100 users: $29/month
  • Up to 200 users: $49/month
  • Up to 300 users: $69/month
  • Up to 400 users: $99/month
  • 401+ users: Request Enterprise Quote

    Premium features coming soon:
  • Mix multiple channels for more variety and a custom sound.
  • Add multiple streams to create unique call hold experiences or for multiple locations.
  • Ask about custom-voiced content that can be scheduled to play based on custom start and stop dates. Easy On Hold provides scripting and voice talent so you can inform and inspire callers while they wait.
  • Questions and answers about streaming music in Teams Phone

    Easy On Hold® streaming music for Teams Phone is brand new for 2024. Naturally, you've got questions. Contact us for more information and a free test stream.

    Ready for better hold music?

    The main complaint about hold music is that it is too repetitive. Another problem is hold music is boring. The solution is a stream of music in a genre (or mix of genres) that support your brand image. Each channel of music for Teams Phone contains approximately 25 unique songs; about an hour of music with a great variety callers will appreciate.

    Acoustic Bright

    Carefree acoustic grooves with a positive perspective.

    Acoustic Light

    Easy acoustic music with a relaxed feel.

    Acoustic Rock

    Driving and inspiring acoustic indie rock tracks.


    Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven.

    Corporate Motivation

    Motivating medium-tempo themes.


    Energetic and authentic country tracks with steel guitar and a can-do attitude.

    Gentle Piano

    Peaceful piano themes. Solo and lightly orchestrated.


    Friendly, cheerful, bright.


    Real jazz. Talented ensembles swing.


    Hopeful and inspiring. Guitar, piano, some orchestration.

    Positive Chill

    Mid-tempo chill with elements of house, lo-fi and lounge.


    Calming instrumenals to de-stress callers.

    Holiday Music

    Streaming from Easy On Hold® makes it easy to change channels using your Content Control Center login. Upgrade to a Premium account to unlock the scheduling feature that changes channels for you, any time!


    Traditional and modern arrangments. Includes Mannheim Steamroller.

    Christmas Vocals

    Sololists, ensembles, choirs sing your favorites for the Christmas season.

    Holiday Instrumentals

    Cheerful holiday classics. Greensleeves, Over the River, Sugar Plum Fairies.

    Christmas Jazz

    Fresh, friendly and swingin' Christmastime melodies.