100,000 Song Music On Hold Library

Files or streaming, for any phone system.

"Music on hold can represent your brand. Promotional messages can be reinforced and the brand image strengthened."


Easy On Hold® designs customized caller experiences.

Music can make all the difference. So we're going big. More instrumental hold music, hit music, vocal music, music in various audio formats for your VoIP phone system, holiday music, music with custom voiced messages, music between voiced messages and always proper licensing for your legal use.

Instrumental Hold Music

Hear a few samples.

Instrumental Hold Music from Easy On Hold® is defined as background music tracks with no singing, in a variety of tempos, styles and instrumentation licensed for use on telephone systems. Voiced announcements can be mixed with the music or voice messages can be heard between various music tracks.

Hit Hold Music Streams

Sample popular channels.

Hit Hold Music Streams refers to a continuous stream of music by popular artists, as heard on a personal streaming music services, but licensed for use on telephone systems. Easy On Hold® offers Brandi Music For Business, with 70 channels (genres) of music. Optional voiced announcements can play between songs.

Vocal Hold Music Tracks

Vocal Hold Music Tracks are musical recordings by indie pop and country artists, licensed for use on your phone system. This vocal hold music is referred to as the Universal Artist Series by Easy On Hold®. It is a collection of music by artists from the Universal Publishing Group® label. Easy On Hold® pays all clearances for this music to be used as files or in a stream in the USA and Canada.

Holiday Hold Music

Holiday Hold Music is instrumental and vocal music the celebrates the holiday season, licensed for use on telephone systems. Easy On Hold® offers 11 styles of holiday hold music, including traditional carols, upbeat contemporary and stylish swing versions of popular Christmas and holiday songs. This music can be used with optional custom voiced holiday greetings.

Global License

Globally Licensed Hold Music is recorded music that can legally be used on telephone systems anywhere in the world. The Easy On Hold® global hold music license covers the use of audio files as phone on hold music.