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Music On Hold Messages Impress Callers and Reduce Hangups

Files or streaming delivery for your phone system.

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What's your music on hold strategy?

  • Make a great impression (impress callers)
  • Motivate callers to do more business with you
  • Fewer dropped calls and complaints.
  • Update, inform and educate
  • Let callers know they're still connected to you
Talk to a music on hold expert at 1-888-798-4653 and let's come up with a strategy that gives you a significant return on your hold music and messaging investment.

+   Music & Voice

The importance of the human voice is on the rise. As we read less we are listening more. Technologies such as Alexa and speech-to-text are bringing the spoken word to the forefront of our every activity. Marketers and corporate managers are leveraging the importance of storytelling. When a call comes in to your business, everything hinges on words and sounds.

We're experts at words and sounds. We can give your brand a voice that will be noticed.

Learn more about how we create your on hold script in 3 days or less, and incorporate automated texts and emails that help efficiently launch up-to-date audio on your phones.

Voice messages significantly reduce hang-ups and lead to more business.

  New: Logo Radio

For call centers, customer support lines and anywhere hold times can get a bit too long, we present Logo Radio. Callers hear popular music (songs people know). Between the songs a short (5 to 10 seconds) branding message plays. The overall effect is that of your brand’s own radio station.

Wireless carrier T-Mobile plays it's own Logo Radio feed along with short updates on new products and services. Callers are so delighted with an unexpected waiting experience, they’re talking about it on social media.

  • "I’m on hold with T-MOBILE right now... I don’t know what the **** is going on here but it’s completely quelled my anger." (June 14, 2018)
  • "I’m on hold with T-Mobile right now and instead of the regular hold song, they’re playing Linkin Park "(July 21, 2017)

Read our new whitepaper, "The Phone On Hold Dilemma:How to Build Brand Loyalty During Customer Wait Times"

Live Streaming On Hold

Streaming audio to your phones provides the best opportunity for you to get the right message to your audience at the right time. Think, "good morning" and "good afternoon". Changes to promotions and events are heard instantly. Start and stop dates are programmed in advance. Share information that is relevant to the day of the week, or even hour of the day. Streaming makes it all possible.

Watch our video on the proven streaming on hold service technology.

The new streaming system manages hand-crafted 30 to 60 second promotional spots, with a mix of voice and music, each focused on presenting an influential idea or message to callers on hold.

We'll produce your custom message on hold demo in 3 days at no cost.