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  • Marketing to a captive audience.
  • Callers enjoy and respond to up-to-date news and offers.
  • Fewer dropped calls and complaints. More business.

Delivery Systems

Live Streaming

Like Pandora® or Netflix®, your messages on hold can be streamed live to your phones. This system includes equipment, if needed, and your own control panel, for making immediate programming changes. Exclusively from Easy On Hold.

Streaming On Hold System

Tweet: Like Pandora® or Netflix®, your messages on hold can be streamed live to your phones.

Audio Files

Download audio files by logging in to your Easy On Hold® online account. Use on your own equipment or phone system. You'll receive audio files formatted correctly for your phone system. Great for off-site VOIP systems or for use on your USB Pro message on hold device.

Audio Files For On Phone Systems


The iProMOH device connects to the internet once per hour for just a few seconds to "capture" your updated messages and music on hold programming, then disconnects. All audio messages play from the internal memory on the device.

Internet Delivery On Hold System

.mp3 USB Drive

Using a USB flash media drive (included) the USB Pro Music On Hold Message Player device will deliver continuous, clear audio into your phone system. Monitor speaker, 8 or 600 Ohm outputs, easy set up and extremely reliable. 5-year warranty!

USB Message On Hold Player


no contract iconNo Contract

The buyout, or no-contract option allows you to purchase one or more custom 4-minute music on hold messages productions. Each production is 400 words with a music background. This package is a good choice if you do not plan on updating messages or changing them over time. Equipment must be purchased separately.

Message, Music On Hold No Contract

We'll produce your custom message on hold demo in 3 days at no cost.