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Way back in 2014, Ring Central, a popular “hosted VoIP” business phone service provider, began working with Easy On Hold® to provide properly licensed music for Ring Central users. Ring Central has music you can choose from their platform but also allows users to upload custom content. As the Music On Hold Experts™, we are able to offer you some time-saving advice that can make your hold-time work harder. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Ring Central Music On Hold.

Tip #1: Customize

For staters, Ring Central offers standard music on hold options, many of which have been sourced by Easy On Hold. The goal of the music options is to allow callers to hear some kind of music that will sound “OK” on mobile phones. Easy On Hold® and Ring Central worked hard to come up with hold music options that would distort less when carried over cell towers. These music on hold choices just get you started. The standard Ring Central music on hold choices will not help maintain callers or build your business.

In a study, callers were asked to remain on hold in silence. Most hung up after a minute or two. When music was added, callers were placed on hold and still hung up in roughly the same amount of time. So music alone is not effective for keeping callers on the line. This measurement is known as the “call abandonment rate”.

What does work? Customized voice messages. When callers hear something that is relevant, some words that convince them you actually care about them, they stay on hold up to 75% longer.

Almost 70 percent of the students who heard wait music alone hung up before their call was answered, and adding apologies only brought down the call-abandonment rate to 67 percent. In comparison, just 36 percent of the callers who received information about their progress in line hung up. (American Psychological Association, 2007)

In addition to reducing hang-ups, voiced messages can accomplish many other goals:

  • Inform callers about updates (such as safety updates, new products, procedures, steps your organization is taking to help customers.
  • Information that answers questions you anticipate will satisfy the caller. Often that caller will disconnect. This creates some relief for your call center agents.
  • The resources your organization has that can more fully engage the caller should be introduced to callers waiting on hold.
  • Multichannel promotions can be connected to the customer at the phone-on-hold point of contact. For example, something you have on social media, online applications, community involvement.

How To Get Ring Central Music On Hold Messages

You may request customized music on hold messages recordings that work with your Ring Central phone system from Easy On Hold. A music on hold strategy session is brief, free and informs you about the options you have (some you may not have thought of).

How To Load Ring Central Music On Hold

According to the Ring Central support site:

  •  Open Settings > Screening, Greeting, & Hold Music > User Hours
  • Below Hold Music, select Enable, then click Edit.
  • Click the Set Audio drop-down list.
  • SelectCustom.
  • Click Browse then upload the WAV or MP3 of your hold music.
  • Click Done.
  • Click Save.

Tip #2:Understand That Music Must Be Licensed

At one point Ring Central made a bad suggestion in their article, Use Your Own Music For Music On Hold. They actually suggested loading your favorite music as the hold background.

Hold on! Ring Central is missing one very important piece of information: You must not use music for which you do not hold a performance license. Refer to our article, Music On Hold Licensing No Joke. The use of music on your telephone system constitutes a rebroadcast and therefore requires a music performance license. Fines are steep if music licensing groups such as ASCAP and BMI catch up with you.

Best Ring Central Music On Hold Options

Where does hold music come from, anyway? Companies like Easy On Hold® maintain license agreements with music publishers. For example, the Universal Music Publishing Company is the world’s largest publisher of music for film, tv, video, etc. You can hear music on hold samples and choose your favorites, using the music selection service from Easy On Hold®. These tracks can be mixed with voice and will still be legal for your use, as long as you maintain your license with Easy On Hold®.

Can I Play Hit Music On My Ring Central Hold Button?

The short answer: no. Music by popular artists is protected by various kinds of rights, such as performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization, and other rights. Ring Central requires users to load an audio file onto their platform for callers to hear. If you do that without the complete complement of licenses and agreements in place (with composers, publishers, and the recording label) you are in serious violation of the law.

Tip #3: Change The Music And Messages Often

Why should you change the phone-on-hold content often? Ring Central hold music plays from the beginning of the file every time a caller is placed on hold. This means if your hold times are brief (about a minute), callers will hear only the first minute of your on-hold audio file. If a caller is placed on hold more than once in the course of a phone call, they will hear the exact same 30 seconds. Consider having multiple voiced messages recorded, then rearranged so callers can have variety, as you change the audio file every week or so.

Tip #4: Try The New Transitions Product

Easy On Hold® has introduced Transitions, a type of music on hold that separates the voice from the music. This makes your messages on hold sound clearer.

One of the reasons music on hold sounds distorted on phones is that the audio processing of phone-call audio is attempting to enhance the sound of the human voice and de-emphasize background noise. Since music is not voice, it becomes electronically minimized by the phone system. This effect is even more pronounced when callers are connected by mobile (cell) phones.

Learn even more about how you can make music on hold sound better on your VoIP phone platform.

The audio stream below is a demonstration of Transitions. It sounds fresh and is being enjoyed by many organizations right now!

Tip #5: Change Platforms and Start Streaming

Since working with Ring Central, many advances have been achieved in the field of unified communications and VoIP telephony. The trend is toward streaming music on hold. The hosted streaming music on hold method was introduced to the world by Easy Hold® in 2013. The stream solves many problems:

  • Scheduling automation allows high value topics to be delivered with pinpoint timing. Relevant information reduces call abandonment and increases customer engagement.
  • Changes are heard immediately. You’ll never wonder when topics will be played, or if they were programmed at all.
  • Dayparting, meaning “good morning” and “good afternoon” phrases surprise and delight callers. Unexpected positive moments activate the brain’s pleasure center.
  • The predictable “audio loop” makes hold times feel longer than they really are. Instead, streaming topics are played randomly.
  • Easily manage content at multiple locations using any browser or device.
  • All of your topics are not of equal importance, so Easy On Hold® streaming messages on hold let you set priority ratings for each topic. Your high-value, time-sensitive messages are heard more often.
  • Messages are changed in the stream, not by handling files. The audio content no longer passes through your hands. In some cases, devices will no longer be required, reducing maintenance.
  • Streams automate start and stop dates of each on-hold topic. No more out-of-date audio files being left on the system.
  • Like it or not, someone at your company is responsible for the liability of licensing the content that is heard on your phones. Easy On Hold® assumes that responsibility.
  • Bandwidth consumption is just 0.025 GB/hr. for the mono 128kbps stream (less than one employee listening to Pandora®).
  • Streams provide real data that can be used in implementation and troubleshooting.
  • Once installed, the URL does not change. No further maintenance is required.

With music constantly changing and timely topics blending in at just the right times, callers hear a fresh sound far superior to the common on-hold audio loop.

Easy On Hold

Look into OnSIP or Fusion, provider that allows streaming music on hold.


  • Music must be properly licensed.
  • It is illegal to upload your own music as Ring Central Music On hold.
  • Custom voiced messages improve caller retention by up to 75%.
  • Using a voice-only presentation with very brief musical passes as buffers between announcements sound clear on phones. We call it Transitions.
  • The benefits of streaming music on hold may appeal to you. Search for other providers that can integrate with streaming music on hold.
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