Why Choose Easy On Hold®?

Why choose Easy on Hold® over Mood Media, Spectrio and other messages on hold companies?

As the trusted partner for systems such as Cisco, Genesys and Avaya, Easy on Hold® is the firm that makes onhold and queuing easy.

Our mood-enhancing music is fully licensed and is specifically chosen to suit the needs and expectations of all sectors. Voiced messages elevate and position your brand above that of your competitors and we make sure we're the only technology solution you'll need.

Choose Easy On Hold® because we're:

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Reliable, relevant and rapidly changing

Our solutions create anything but a typical onhold or queue experience for your callers.

We use technology that integrates with all telephony devices - it won't "freeze" or go wrong, but above all else it delivers the newest, most relevant and constantly refreshed licensed music to excite and enthrall your callers' ears.

A Picture of a woman wearing earphones and looking down at a mobile phone.
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Expert at knowing what audiences want

Our music is curated by experts who create the listening sensations you want your customers to feel - be it cozy, authoritative, dependable or trusted.

With added intimacy through bespoke voiced messages, we promise to deliver on your needs.

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The sound of success

Not only does our noise canceling technology give listeners a superior listening experience, our bespoke onhold messaging (everything from further information to advice etc.) is upbeat, and crafted by professionals to keep callers engaged and wanting to hear more from you while they wait.

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Why we're the right choice

While other vendors might promise the solution you want, we're the ones who can actually deliver it. We provide:

  1. Music from a library divided into 65 different styles
  2. Voiced messages, accents and translations that are "written for the ear"
  3. All the necessary technology, security and backups

We strip out the noise, and give you the sounds that literally are music to people's ears while contributing to your success.

See why customers choose Easy On Hold® :

Easy on Hold® services over 10,000 businesses from more than 20 industries with music and messages on hold being tailored for their businesses.

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Excellent, EASY and Effortless. I would recommend this service to EVERYONE!

Ardor Health Solutions

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You do make the process very easy and efficient.

San Jose Boilerworks

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We have had an excellent experience with you guys.

Puckett Cat

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By the way, your company exceeded my expectations.

American Sales And Service

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The change to the music was very necessary, and your quick and reliable service was just what we needed to get it done.


Services to elevate your caller experiences

Licensed Music

Upgrade your default on hold setting with music that entertains your callers while waiting.

Voiced Messages

Provide useful information, intrigue callers with marketing messages or encourage them to be patient.

Voice Recordings

Add a professional greeting to your voicemail or Auto-Attendant messages.

Get all the info

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Get the right solution for your callers

  1. Find out what costs may be involved
  2. Request a free custom script and sample audio
  3. Talk to our experts about compatibility with your communications platform
  4. For call centers/contact centers: discover new technology for Queue Music solutions
  5. No obligation; it takes only 15 to 30 minutes to get the right music on hold messages solution