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Phone On Hold Music Tracks

Use this Music On Hold Jukebox™ to browse our library of licensed hold music backgrounds.

Explore our vast library of "better than royalty free" on hold music tracks and submit your favorites. You'll receive an email with your list of hold music backgrounds for future reference. You can also leave a note about your project so that we can make sure the right person from our team gets in touch with you to discuss.

Music licensing is serious business. Learn more. Get tips and advice on using music in your business. Fees, copyrights, music licenses are discussed. See actual collection letters from licensing organizations.

We'll produce your custom message on hold demo in 3 days at no cost.

88% of business callers prefer information on hold.

Studies show that most callers hang up after being on hold with just music within 2 minutes or less. Adding generic "thank you for holding" messages only provides a 3% improvement.

While callers wait on hold, you could be talking to them about their needs and how you provide the solutions they seek. Ads on hold messages bring a human touch to the typically boring on-hold time your customers must endure from time to time, and present you as a caring customer service organization.

Music with messages: professionally scripted on hold messaging.

Hold Music Pricing
  • Stock Music, Music On Hold Tracks: priced by location. Available plans are flexible and affordable.
  • Tracks must be used in their original format unless edited by Easy On Hold®. Ask for details.
  • Call centers: call for pricing. Special offers for call centers and contact centers.
  • Custom greetings, such as "good morning" are available with streaming music on hold account.

Call 1-888-798-HOLD to purchase. You will be asked about your choice of audio file format, choice of voiced greetings if desired, and choice of male or female voice talent (or both). Choose your favorites from the jukebox, then "submit" to contact us.

What You Need To Know About Hold Music

Can I Use Radio or CD Music On Hold? Easy On Hold offers only properly licensed royalty-free hold music for your messages on hold productions. If your office is playing on music on your phone hold button and you're not sure if it is properly licensed, take a moment to review this information. Radio or CD music on hold must be licensed. If you have a custom made on hold message production in use on your phone lines, it is your responsibility to be informed.

Where does this hold music come from?

Easy On Hold works with top producers of music heard on HGTV, Discovery, Showtime, Cinemax, and other major TV network productions. The tracks are new, fresh and kept up to date with our ongoing relationship with top music studios in Hollywood.

We handle your performance rights licensing.

If you're shopping collections of .mp3 hold music, royalty-free music and stock music, remember that "royalty-free" may not cover performance licenses with ASCAP, SESAC, GMR and BMI, for which you are responsible when playing music on hold. With Easy On Hold, there's no need to worry about copyright and licensing for businesses located in the USA and Canada. (Please check with your national performing rights organization.).