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Are you looking for an easy to use phone system with auto attendant and music on hold capabilities? We're doing some research for you.

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Easy On Hold | Blog - illustration of woman phoning a local business

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In the quest for improved customer satisfaction, contact center managers are sparing no effort. They’re even starting to pay attention […]

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Easy On Hold | Blog - contact centers moving to streaming music service

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There’s a new pet music service available for vet practices and it is working wonders! After diligent research, we asked, […]

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Easy On Hold® Brings Advanced Music On Hold And Streaming Music Device To Market In 2013, Easy On Hold introduced […]

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Easy On Hold | Blog - New 2-Channel Music On Hold And Business Music Device

Tim Brown

For small businesses looking for a do-it-yourself phone system, the VTech CM18445 should be a contender. The VTech CM18445 provides a music on hold input--a place to plug in the music player--allowing endless music and messaging on hold options.

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Tim Brown

The technology behind this store closing announcement system is the same in use by Easy On Hold at hundreds of locations that wish to automate messages on hold. The Easy On Hold studios and production coordinators help you manage the content and schedules. The equipment follows the commands created using control software. The schedules are flexible, as are the announcement contents.

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Easy On Hold | Blog - clothing store

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