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New Pet Music Service For Vet Practices Works Wonders


There’s a new pet music service available for vet practices and it is working wonders! After diligent research, we asked, “can a carefully curated music soundscape calm the pets in your waiting room, operatory and kennels?” The research says YES.

Pet music reduces stress.

The Journal of Veterinary Behavior reports that music calmed the behavior of dogs, noting that the right kind of music can also help dogs sleep. (Colorado State University, 2012). “Music… may help mitigate some of the stress inherent for many kenneled dogs.”

Pet music slows respiratory rates.

A 2016 study showed that music decreased respiratory rates in cats under anesthesia in surgery. (Interdisciplinary Centre of Research in Animal Health) “The use of music in the surgical theatre may contribute to allowing a reduced anesthetic dose, minimizing undesirable side effects and thus promoting patient safety.”

Pet music improves metabolism.

Author/veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker says music has the ability to beneficially impact an animal’s metabolism and gastrointestinal motility.

Barking reduced by 95% in study of 160,000 sheltered dogs.

The nonprofit Rescue Animal Mp3 Project plays music in more than 1350 shelters, soothing 160,000 animals across all 50 states. More than 500 follow-up evaluations show up to 95% less barking. Project organizers estimate that animals are 58% more relaxed when listening to the calming music. Their amazing video shows a group of healthy, handsome dogs barking away as you would expect to hear in a kennel. Then something amazing happens: the music begins to play and the dogs go silent in just seconds. They head for their beds and curl up to seemingly relax and enjoy the music.

Brandi Music now offers Pet Care Channel

Brandi Music™ serves businesses of all sizes with streaming music for audio branding, background enhancement and in-store marketing.

Brandi’s new Pet Care Channel is a special music stream designed especially for veterinarian offices. This carefully-curated collection of soothing music is effective in reducing stress and anxiety in pets.

Waiting rooms, operatories, clinics, kennels and grooming facilities can all benefit from the use of this specialized music, which has been shown to slow heartbeat rates and induce a state of relaxation. The slow rhythms, sustained notes, moderated frequencies and comforting melodies will soothe and relax pets and pet owners alike.

Sound-masking covers threatening sounds.

The thunder-like sound of passing traffic, slamming doors, other animals and human conversation can increase anxiety in pets. An important aspect of introducing music in the veterinarian/pet hospital soundscape is that of sound-masking, or covering up unwanted sounds. Vets are advised to consider ways to protect animals from sudden noises.

What is the cost for pet music?

A single channel stream is $30/month and includes all performance licensing for a single location (street address). Brandi Premium is $35/month and allows users to blend 3 additional channels for a unique mix

business music audio system moh player device
The high quality music player provided with the Brandi Music Pet Care Channel.

Brandi Music recommends the professional business music streaming audio player ($199 setup fee) that will plug into your existing sound system.

Answers to questions about music sources in a professional setting.

Q. Can I play Pandora, Spotify, etc.?
No. Personal streaming music accounts do not relieve your business of licensing liability. Internet broadcasters will not pay for your use of the music.

Q. Can I play audio CDs or .mp3s I have purchased?
No. Music recordings in any form are only for personal, non-commercial use.

Q. Can I use a “Pet Calm” or iCalm” speaker in my veterinarian practice?

PetCalm and other services and devices are not in the business of music license clearances and may not protect you from possible infringement claims for unauthorized performances. One manufacturer told us directly that they do not recommend their devices for commercial (professional) use. Vets have have complained about the short battery life and poor audio quality of these devices.

pet speaker
Pet Calming Speaker Music Not Authorized For Commercial Use

How to test pet music in your veterinary practice.

To find out whether pet music makes a difference in your practice, go to https://brandimusic.com and request a free trial. You will receive a log in that will allow you to play Brandi music from your PC or mobile device. If you agree that this music makes your practice a better place, you can register for the professional streaming audio player for the best sound and uptime (recommended). If you have questions, Kenny Mollitor at Easy On Hold is available 8:30am to 5pm Eastern Time (USA) at 1-888-798-4653.

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