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Small Business Phone Systems Allow Customized Messages On Hold


Are you looking for an easy to use phone system with auto attendant and music on hold capabilities? We’re doing some research for you. Small businesses are looking for ease of use, streamlined installation and features such as streaming hold music. Take a look at just some of the small business phone systems we like.

Hosted Platforms with Customizable Music On Hold

With lower costs and higher performance, it may be time to consider a hosted VoIP phone system. Our new knowledgebase has an article on the basics of hosted VoIP communications platforms.


See our introduction to the OnSIP business phone platform.  We find that the Auto Attendant and Music On Hold features are easily customized. We created a video called “Streaming Music On Hold in 3 Simple Steps.” OnSIP accepts streaming music on hold from Easy On Hold.


The Nextiva platform is growing in popularity for businesses of all sizes. For a smaller business, the onboarding process is straightforward and the service is affordable. The Nextiva Music On Hold is streamed from the Easy On Hold Cloud. This allows simple management of customized hold music from your EOH Creative Control Center, a big time-saver.


In the past few years, many Easy On Hold customers has adopted NetExpress for their small business phone systems. One appeal of the NetExpress VoIP service is a lower startup cost. For a new business, NetExpress can consolidate your internet, phone, fax, etc. into one package.

Hosted VoIP can save companies from the expensive costs of having to invest in VoIP equipment and manage the system.



TPX is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), meaning they cover all aspects of technology. They can handle networking, hardware, software, security, internet service, and communications. You can take advantage of TPX streaming hold music provided by Easy On Hold.

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