On Hold Messages

Using On Hold Messages is a very affordable way to reach your most interested customers with important information.
Here’s the newest research and best practices to boost caller satisfaction while building your brand and improving sales.

For most customers, experiences happen over the phone or voice channel. Your callers come to you through an auto attendant or IVR and often wait on hold. This is the new guide to updating your auto attendant, IVR, and on hold messages, and it can give you an edge over your competition and maintain a satisfied customer base.

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Tim Brown

If your company's on hold message includes the phrase, "Your call is important," now is the time to make some changes.

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What callers hear while they wait on hold says a lot about your organization. These 13 Essential Best Practices for Messages On Hold are game-changing, and most can be implemented in one day.

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Unified Communications as a Service has benefits, but there's a big feature gap: UCaaS on hold message files that ruin the caller experience.

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Creating effective on hold messages presents its own unique challenges. Smart marketing calls for collaboration with professionals. Here are some helpful tips from a professional writer.

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Greg Simmel

Hold Music vs. Messages On Hold Since the late 1960s, phone systems have used music on hold to indicate to […]

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