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Phone Music On Hold For Small Business Review


VTech cordless small business system provides phone music on hold input.

For small businesses looking for a do-it-yourself phone system, the VTech CM18445 should be a contender. It’s a cordless system that works with your plain ol’ telephone lines (POTS) also called analog phone lines. It handles up to four lines and has a helpful phone music on hold music option.

Let’s look at the phone music on hold functionality first.

Phone Music On Hold On VTech CM18445

Until now, the AT&T Syn-J had been the “go-to” phone for a small business in need of music on hold or messages on hold. That phone allowed use of an external device, such as the USB Pro music on hold player from Easy On Hold.

The VTech CM18445 also provides a music on hold input–a place to plug in the music player–allowing endless music and messaging on hold options.

Using the audio cable that is included with the phone, simply adapt one end to fit the RCA jack on the USB Pro or other MOH device and scroll through settings to choose the external music feed as the source callers will  hear.

The phone music on hold will be heard by all those who are placed on hold using the hold button (no other keys to punch); the base station, cordless desk set and wireless handsets all play the music to callers on hold.

Specific Improvements Over the AT&T Syn-J

The VTech phone seems to have eclipsed the AT&T Syn-J phone system in a few important ways. Here’s our list.

Easier to plug in. AT&T has stopped sending the audio cable along with its Syn-J phones, which makes it nearly impossible to hook up to the external music device (since it requires the very small 2.5mm jack). The VTech phone includes the cable, which fits more easily into the phone jack.

Separate MOH jack. The VTech has a jack for the MOH and another one for the Aux headset input. This means that, unlike the Syn-J, this phone will let you use the headset without disconnecting the music on hold.

Simple programming. VTech has set up the menu in a way that allows fairly simple programming. When scrolling through the music on hold options, you will actually hear that option. The phone can make a recording of audio or play default music. Of course, custom messages on hold will impress callers in a way canned music cannot!

Lower price. Somehow, VTech is beating AT&T’s price by around $100. The base station can be purchased directly from VTech for $149.95 (we found it for more at Staples online).

More About This Phone From VTech

We have reached out to VTech for more information, including an operations manual. In the meantime, here is their basic promo video on the phone system.

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