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Easy On Hold Offers Automated Store Closing Announcements


How to automate your store closing announcements.

Here’s an easy add-on to your store music system that will help streamline processes, maximize employee time and maintain best practices at closing time.

Managing The Close

8:45pm. You’re going through closing procedures. It’s time to inform shoppers that “our store will be closing in fifteen minutes. Please bring your purchases to the check out.” You need to make two more announcements before closing time, such as “We’re closing in five minutes…” and “Our store is now closed.” Your employee (not a professional announcer) can hopefully remember to make these announcements at the proper time, using the proper words, or you can automate the entire process. This frees up an employee at the critical time of the evening and ensures proper timing, spoken content, audibility and brand imaging. Here’s how it’s done.

Store Closing Announcement Device

Easy On Hold will provide a small appliance that connects to the internet (therefore keeping perfect time). The internet connection will provide an easy way to change announcements and timing. Using a specific schedule, this clever audio player fades down the overhead background music, plays the right announcement at the right time, and fades the music back in.

Perfect timing. Perfect clarity and message delivery and a hands-free, automated store closing announcement system that never forgets!

Store Closing Announcement Technology

The technology behind this store closing announcement system is the same in use by Easy On Hold at hundreds of locations that wish to automate messages on hold. The Easy On Hold studios and production coordinators help you manage the content and schedules. The equipment follows the commands created using control software. The schedules are flexible, as are the announcement contents.

Your music source, such as In Store Music / Business Music by Brandi Music, will be fed through the announcement  device, then to your store audio system. When it’s time for the announcement, the music source will be interrupted with a smooth fade out, allowing the voiced announcement to be heard. At all other times, the music plays normally.

Set Any Schedule – Any Number Of Announcements

Any number of announcements can be implemented. Any schedule can be set. You may use this system for any timed announcement (announcements that will interrupt the overhead music, rather than wait for a song to finish). If you have unique hours of operation each day, a schedule of announcements for each day of the week can be set up by Easy On Hold programmers.


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