Custom audio experiences for enterprise operations.

  • Genesys Engage/PureConnect, HLS
  • Avaya Aura Media Server, https
  • Broadsoft, Nextiva, TPX, SIP
  • Mitel Business, SIP
  • Vodia RTP
  • Yeastar html
  • Asterisk, Bicom, http
Easy On Hold Genesys Engage MCP Streaming Queue (music on hold) Solution diagram

What is Enterprise Music On Hold?

Automated, streaming, scaleable, end-to-end, differentiated, delightful caller experiences.

Enterprise Music On Hold, or EMOH, refers to the innovative system of streaming audio content for callers waiting in an enterprise contact center (call center). The requirements are:

  • Automated: Removes audio-file handling tasks; conent is scheduled by time of day, day, week, month, etc.
  • Streaming: Live streams that are quickly and easily managed by marketing/business teams, instantly deployed.
  • Scalable: able to handle peak call volumes and a growing customer base.
  • End-to-end: From end-user content management to delivery and monitoring/data logging.
  • Differentiated: Multiple streams are efficiently curated to deliver greater relevance to customers for increased satisfaction.

Why other contact center MOH solutions fail.

Until now, communications platforms have neglected to develop robust MOH solutions. While popular CX solutions continue to improve call handling and analytics, the hold music and messages remain as a static file.

Their are many problems with the static file approach to music on hold.

  • Often, the hold music file plays from the beginning every time a caller is placed on hold.
  • The single audio file that "loops" allows callers to experience that "here we go again" feeling of being neglected.
  • Generic greetings that are common placeholders for MOH have been shown to increase call hang-ups (incomplete customer interactions).
  • Files are not conveniently changed.
  • The contact center may not have personnel available to regularly update audio files.

Download the report: Contact Centers Moving Toward Streaming MOH Service

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Leverage The EOH Cloud

Marketing Manages The Content.

Marketing has their own dashboard for content management. Marketers can request a new topic, approve a script, approve audio, set and change schedules, and immediately start and stop individual topics. Pre-recorded announcements can be added to the stream at a moment’s notice. Email and text notifications provide alerts when a script or new audio is ready for approval, and when a current topic is nearing the end of its schedule.

Content Management Options

Streaming allows perfectly-timed messages to play, based on changing call center and marketing needs. Special event or change of hours coming up next week? That individual message topic can be set to play more frequently than other topics, but only before the event takes place. EMOH never plays an out-of-date message.

If hold times increase between 9am and noon, a blend of music and messaging can be introduced just for that time period.

More Customer Engagement

Topics play in random order, eliminating the callers' ability to "predict" a repeating loop. The end result is the perception of hold time being shorter than it is. More customers engage with the call center.

Up-selling, cross-selling, customer retention—all are important. But when hold times, no matter how brief, add friction to the customer journey, overall satisfaction suffers.

Leveraging streaming MOH technology opens up communications opportunities by delivering targeted messaging at a critical moment in the customer journey. Unique, relevant caller experiences create retention and engagment. When your customers are being helped, educated, encouraged, and entertained, they don’t go away.

Configurable Solution

For contact center techs, stream bitrates and sample rates are configurable, as is audio equalization and volume. Any URLs used for your communications platform will not change over time. This is a "one and done" solution.

Of course, reporting and management of the streaming appliance or cloud solution is provided via the Streaming Queue Music dashboard. Stream status and connectivity is continuously monitored. Any interruption is instantly detected, triggering a switch to redundant (failover) streams. All stream activity is logged.

The streaming solution is scalable enough to provide multiple content streams from a single appliance. One contact center may have unique MOH content for various queues, based on service, support, regions, etc.

Examples of EMOH In Use

An Easy On Hold customer has call volumes (and caller time-on-hold) that predictably increases between 11 am and 1 pm weekdays. During that time, messages with more music and less speaking are automatically deployed, to avoid message burn-out. Callers hear about alternative ways to get answers to their questions.

The COVID pandemic has caused many operations to change hours. Callers hear, “today’s hours are…” and “tomorrow we are open from…”.

A hospital system in Florida has pre-recorded messages they can instantly deploy (with a single mouse-click) when a hurricane threatens their area.