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Even the most talented call center staff can't eliminate hold time and the friction it creates

Mobile banking is stronger than ever. Today's members are more informed and ready to take action, but being on hold creates friction and can have a negative effect. This is the time to get the right message to your members. The old 'common' on hold practices are ineffective and a waste of money. The new Best Practices from Easy On Hold® are gaining momentum with credit unions across the country.

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As much as we would like to answer every member's phone call right away, we just can't always. Especially if events happen and our call volume is a little higher than normal, our members are going to have a little bit of a wait time. It's nice to be able to recognize those moments.

- Joli Hensley, Regional Marketing Administrator, Advia Credit Union

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Can on hold messages triple loan volume?

Brad Warner, CEO of Fairless Credit Union in Fairless Hills and Morrisville, PA says, 'Easy On Hold® has been one of our best decisions in the past year!' Why the enthusiasm? In a recent letter to Easy On Hold, Brad explained that his credit union has seen loan volumes increase three-fold after adding Easy On Hold. The implementation of a targeted messages on hold advertising program was part of a simple and affordable overall strategy.

"As a small financial institution, a little marketing can go a long way. But we certainly don't have money to throw around. We must target our spending to make the most of our limited resources. We believe that members hear things in many ways. Marketing efforts must be reinforced to be effective"

"Currently our members are telling us that they learned of our products and promotions in roughly equal portions as follows: roughly 1/3 from our newsletter, 1/3 from our teller line and 1/3 from Easy On Hold."

The overall effect is a more involved member who is more likely to take advantage of the financial offerings at the credit union. Warner says, 'members get the message in print, in person and over the phone. And it works!'

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Background Music in your branches — Free Trial

Try Legal Music
  1. Choose from over 70 channels of music by your favorite artists
  2. Blend channels for a unique mix
  3. Schedule music to automatically change throughout the day
  4. Block unwanted songs
  5. Profanity free and family-friendly
  6. Optional announcements/reminders for visitors
  7. Track history of every song and announcement
  8. Members and employees will appreciate the custom mix
  9. Use music to mask sensitive financial conversation

Music makes a difference, and our business music system gives you automation, variety and flexibility.

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If I want to ask for suggestions or help with my script I can select that, and somebody from Easy On Hold® will help with that. I get my proof right there on my account so I can listen to it, and give the okay. It plays when it's supposed to and it comes off when it's supposed to. I don't have to worry about it!

- Joli Hensley

Advia Credit Union

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It's a pleasure working with Easy On Hold®.

- Lisa Boyd

Community West Credit Union

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We were just going to buy the rights to a few songs, but thankfully Easy On Hold® has a streaming option with hit music, and that got my attention. My sales consultant made it seem very easy and it still fit within our budget. We even have people ask what song was playing on hold because they like it that much.

- Amanda Gish

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