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Custom MOH Streams For Asterisk

On Hold Music, Messages For Asterisk

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Streaming custom music and messages on hold will provide added value for your customers, and added recurring revenue for you.

Team up with Easy On Hold, to provide enhanced MOH service to your customers without handling audio files or managing ongoing changes and updates. Your customers work directly with Easy On Hold to develop their own custom music and message on hold channel.

If you choose, you may charge a monthly enhanced service fee. Plus, your firm receives a custom MOH stream to use, free. Want to know more? Call us. 1-888-798-HOLD (4653).


All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.

MOH Solution For Asterisk

With an Asterisk-based business telephony solution comes an amazing set of features. One feature you may not be taking advantage of is streaming music on hold. Easy On Hold provides individualized custom 128k http .mp3 streams created specifically for your business clients. The custom live stream plays a series of announcements that inform, inspire and update callers while they wait.

A better experience for you, your customer and their callers.

  • Recurring revenue opportunity: you can charge a small monthly fee for enhanced MOH service.
  • A better caller experience: Shorter announcements and ever-changing music. The end of the 4-minute loop.
  • No more uploading files to change content: The live stream manages start and end dates for announcements.
  • Free custom stream for your business.
  • It’s all on us: scripts, voices, music and licensing all included.
  • Multiple unique streams can be provisioned for use by specific departments and extensions.
  • Foreign languages and translations available.

Recurring Revenue Opportunity

Easy On Hold wants our relationship with you to be mutually beneficial. Easy On Hold will rebate your customers an enhanced music on hold fee you charge them for running an ongoing stream for their MOH source, up to $10 per month. Typically customers pay a small added monthly fee for system enhancements and are understanding of such a charge. However, Easy On Hold will remove the cost barrier with a full rebate of this upcharge, allowing your firm to receive recurring revenue from our relationship.

A Better On Hold Experience

Easy On Hold's new streaming system does away with the traditional practice of voice blurbs interrupting a repeating background track. The new streaming system manages hand-crafted 30 to 60 second promotional spots, with a mix of voice and music, each focused on presenting an influential idea or message to callers on hold.

With music constantly changing and timely topics blending in at just the right times, the new Easy On Hold streaming system provides a fresh sound callers find more appealing.

Until now, no matter which method is used, businesses have had to handle media, while callers listen to stale, looping audio. With our streaming technology, we provide a live program personalized to your business. Streaming on hold is an entirely new category in message on hold delivery, and you will see a big difference.

No More Uploading Files

The live Easy On Hold stream automatically changes content based on a planned schedule, changing and updating content is done without the aid of equipment or technicians. In addition, the sound quality is excellent. A recent review from Mattchis Technologies founder Matthew Chisenhall stated, "I love the quality of sound that the Easy On Hold streams provide."

A Great Value For Your Customers

Easy On Hold works directly with your customers to deliver the scripts, voices, music and licensing needed for a successful music and message on hold program. Our aim is to serve the Asterisk dealer by taking the hassle out of dealing with MOH. We make your customers sound good, which makes you look good.

MOH For Free PBX

Courtesy of Voneto Blog, Corey McFadden
Technically, you can use just about any streaming source that’s non-proprietary and use a Linux command-line player to send the output into something like SOX to produce the proper format for Asterisk. One very easy way is to use an MP3 stream and the basic MPG123 command-line player. For this example we are using a free acoustic music on hold test stream provided by Easy On Hold

Log into your FreePBX interface and navigate to the “Music on Hold” menu, under settings in recent versions of FreePBX.

Click ‘Add Streaming Category’.

The Category Name is arbitrary, so you can just type MOH Stream.

For Application, we’re going to use MPG123 to play the steam here. Make a note of this command line, as you’ll need to get the resampling parameters right.

/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -f 8192 --mono -s

Leave the ‘Optional Format’ field blank.

Submit changes. Now you’ve now got an MOH class ready to use wherever you want on your system.

Copyright (c) Voneto LLC. All rights reserved.

Set Up Music On Hold Stream in Asterisk

Follow along with Nerd Vittles as Ward Mundy walks through the streaming moh setup process for Asterisk 11, as well as FreePBX 2.11. Includes a tutorial on how to test your stream with an Asterisk extension.

Live streams for Asterisk developers/integrators

Try streaming in your environment.

The URLs you need are provided upon submission of this form. Use either of these streams as a samples for your customers, or on your website.

Revenue Opportunity For Asterisk Providers: Download the one-sheet on Asterisk Partnerships

"I like the way the solution is solving the MOH problem. This year we are focused on partnering with companies that provide complimentary services and easyonhold looks like it fits the bill. 80% of our business consists of supporting Asterisk based systems, so we can definitely promote the product to our customers."—Mack Hendricks, Asterisk Support Manager

Reasons to Choose Streaming MOH Solution

Highly Sophisticated Scheduling

Business owners and managers don't want the hassle of constantly updating the messages on hold. Live streaming solves the problem with up-to-the-minute programming changes, made automatically by Easy On Hold's highly sophisticated scheduling capabilities.

Using a proprietary code, the Easy On Hold studio creates unique "Announcement DNA" for each topic or spot, delivering a customized caller experience unlike any other.

Month-Specific Announcements: Monthly specials and seasonal updates are programmed to start and stop on specific days. The script can say, "this month only...".

Week-Specific Announcements: Short-term announcements such as holiday closings, special events and deadline offers receive specific "broadcast" days. Scheduling start and stop dates means callers never hear out-of-date announcements.

Day-Specific Announcements: Announcements can play on specific days of the week, every week or for as many weeks as needed. For example, a car dealer with extended hours on Wednesday will announce, "We're open until 8pm tomorrow," but only on Tuesdays.

Time-Of-Day-Specific Announcements: When customers visit a business, they like to be greeted with a friendly, smiling, "good morning" or "good afternoon". You can do that with Easy On Hold streaming service. A restaurant owner, for example, can talk about lunch specials all morning, then dinner specials all afternoon.

Program Updates Made Easy

Any topic or spot can be stopped, replaced or rescheduled on the fly, without disturbing any of the other content. To initiate content changes, the client logs in to an "Administrative" page at Scripts are written by experienced experts who know how to write for the ear. Turnaround time for scripts and production is always 3 business days. Customers monitor the content by playing the live stream on the client admin page.

Live streaming messages on hold create convenience, sound amazingly better than other types of on hold systems and add a powerful punch to your marketing efforts.