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Avaya Streaming Music On Hold

Now you can stream live music on hold on your Avaya System

Avaya Communication Manager 7.0.1, and the media server, AAMS 7.8, are now providing the opportunity to use URL-based streaming music on hold, as provided by Easy On Hold.

Music Streaming In Avaya 7+

Continuous music streaming capabilities, administration, and monitoring are enhanced in Avaya Aura® MS 7.7 Feature Pack 1:

  • Administration of music streaming providers in Element manager pages is improved.
  • Avaya Aura® MS Element Manager includes page for monitoring the status of music streaming providers which includes improved error reporting. Per stream statistics are displayed and include bandwidth statistics and the codec being used. Details about the current song being played, including song title and artist information, are displayed when song metadata is available.
  • Avaya Aura® MS supports up to 64 music streams from any provider. The previous limit was eight, with at most one HTTP/MP3 URL, and at most one RSS URL supported.
  • Avaya Aura® MS supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
  • HTTP/MP3 and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) providers automatically records 15 minutes of content. The recorded content provides a backup when the streaming server is unreachable.
    • Avaya Streaming Music On Hold: Just Plug In Your Easy On Hold Stream URL

      Communication Manager can utilize the IP address information of a Music on Hold (MoH) streaming server to play music when a call is placed on hold. In Avaya documentation, a SHOUTcast streaming radio station is essentially an http stream.

      Note: Only MP3 format for media files is supported (AAC is not supported).

      Easy On Hold Provides custom http mp3 streams at 128kbps.

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) MOH Integration Method For Avaya SIP (Prior to 7.0)

On a connected call, the ATA may place the remote party on hold by performing a hook-flash to initiate a three-way call or by swapping two calls during call-waiting. If the remote client indicates that it can still receive audio while the call is holding, the ATA can be configured to contact an auto-answering streaming audio server (SAS) to stream audio to the holding party. When used this way, the SAS is referred to as an MOH Server.

Streaming Audio Server and Music on Hold

This feature allows you to attach an audio source (such as the Easy On Hold ProStream streaming music and message on hold device) to one of the ATA FXS ports and use it as a streaming audio source device. The corresponding Line (1 or 2) can be configured as a streaming audio server (SAS) such that when the Line is called, the ATA answers the call automatically and starts streaming audio to the calling party provided the FXS port is off-hook. If the FXS port is on-hook when the incoming call arrives, the ATA replies with a SIP 503 response code to indicate “Service Not Available.”

If an incoming call is auto-answered, but later the FXS port becomes on-hook, the ATA does not terminate the call but continues to stream silence packets to the caller. If an incoming call arrives when the SAS line has reached full capacity, the ATA replies with a SIP 486 response code to indicate “Busy Here.” The SAS line can be set up to refresh each streaming audio session periodically (via SIP re-INVITE) to detect whether the connection to the caller is down. If the caller does not respond to the refresh message, the SAS line terminates the call so that the streaming resource can be used for other callers.

Let me know if you're using this technique for a further discussion. Thanks.
Tim Brown, VP Development, Easy On Hold

Why streaming is a better solution

  • Audio is a clear 128k stream, not a compressed 8 bit audio file.
  • No need to continuously manage audio files.
  • Marketing content is streamed from customer portal by Easy On Hold.
  • Automated message scheduling is handled by the Easy On Hold Server.
  • Priority scheduling: more important content plays more often.
  • Flexible: just log in to your Easy On Hold account to make changes any time.
  • Low bandwidth consumption.

All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.