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Custom Streaming Broadsoft Music On Hold Messages

Upgrade To Streaming Messages On Hold On Your Broadsoft System

PIKA Micro Warp Plus DeviceThe PKA® Micro Warp Plus provides Broadsoft® users the functionality of an on-premise music on hold system. Easy On Hold® is an official PIKA dealer, offering the Micro Warp Plus as an innovative and convenient way to stream music on hold on Broadsoft® and other platforms.

The PIKA® Micro Warp Plus is capable of listening to your Easy On Hold® custom streaming music on hold, and mounting it on the SIP network. Within the Broadsoft® application, the music on hold source is pointed to the PIKA® device.

Micro Warp Plus Administrator's Guide

For more details on this device, download the Micro Warp Plus Administrators Guide

music on hold diagram for Broadsoft Broadworks using PIKA device

The μWARPPlus acts as a local SIP User Agent (SIP UA) registered with the BroadSoft® switch. Page requests are handled locally by the μWARPPlus instead of sending multiple RTP media streams from the BroadSoft® switch across the WAN to the customer premise.

 Learn more about Broadsoft Music On Hold integration: Easy Broadsoft Music On Hold

Features Of Streaming MOH Solution

Highly Sophisticated Scheduling

You don't want the hassle of constantly updating the messages on hold. Live streaming solves the problem with up-to-the-minute programming changes, made automatically.

Using a proprietary code, the Easy On Hold studio creates unique "Announcement DNA" for each topic or spot, delivering a customized caller experience unlike any other.

Month-Specific Announcements: Monthly specials and seasonal updates are programmed to start and stop on specific days. The script can say, "this month only...".

Week-Specific Announcements: Short-term announcements such as holiday closings, special events and deadline offers receive specific "broadcast" days. Scheduling start and stop dates means callers never hear out-of-date announcements.

Day-Specific Announcements: Announcements can play on specific days of the week, every week or for as many weeks as needed. For example, a car dealer with extended hours on Wednesday will announce, "We're open until 8pm tomorrow," but only on Tuesdays.

Time-Of-Day-Specific Announcements: When customers visit a business, they like to be greeted with a friendly, smiling, "good morning" or "good afternoon". You can do that with Easy On Hold streaming service. A restaurant owner, for example, can talk about lunch specials all morning, then dinner specials all afternoon.