The Business Startup Guide To Custom On Hold Messages


You've Opened A New BusinessStarting a new business can be exciting and stressful. You have many decisions to make, including products, pricing and marketing. Then, you open your doors and wait for the phone to ring. When it does, it puts a smile on your face and you think about building relationships with a group of customers who become the foundation of your future success. Now it’s all about making a great first impression. You know the saying, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”.

How callers are handled, and how these new customers view your business “image” is critical to a successful launch. On average, about 70 percent of business calls are placed on hold, meaning your callers will probably experience inevitable “hold-time”. No one likes being on hold, because it means waiting, or time wasted. How should a business deal with the problem of customers waiting on hold?

Callers On Hold Present An Opportunity

Why not view on-hold time as an opportunity? If professionally produced, a custom on hold message heard during telephone on hold time will deliver marketing messages that connect with customers and build the image of your brand. Easy On Hold started helping new businesses in 1997, conducting surveys and interviews with business owners to find out how to best serve business callers. Business owners told us they found changing messages a hassle, and feared the embarrassment of playing messages that were out-of-date. The alternative was to play messages that were too generic, cheesy-sounding and meaningless. It’s true that the generic-sounding “thank you for holding” messages without even so much as your company name ring of insincerity. Clearly, the best solution uses custom on hold messages with announcements that bring real value to the wait time.

Tip: Hear examples of custom on hold messages, organized by industry.

What Should My Custom On Hold Messages Contain?

When you begin to consider what callers on hold should hear while they wait, be sure to focus on your callers and their needs. Why are they calling? What would keep them interested and even inspired? Do your best to avoid “tell and sell”, after all, this is not a commercial, but a conversation with people who have reached out to you, and are in an excellent position to make buying decisions based on what they hear while on hold.

Tip: Articles discuss custom on hold message scripts.

With new technologies developed and employed by Easy On Hold, each unique talking point you deploy can have its own start and stop date, so don’t be afraid to use upcoming events, short-term offers and date-specific content in your hold message productions. When information is current and relevant, callers stay on the line longer and become more interested in what is being said. A call to action in your custom on hold message scripts will tell callers what they can do with the information they’ve just learned. For example, a medical office can provide tips for staying healthy, but adding the suggestion of going to a website, registering for a newsletter or asking further questions suggest an action the caller can take. Building interactivity with your clients makes them more invested in your organization, and builds relationships. Now you’re getting somewhere!

How Much Do Custom On Hold Messages Cost?

A small monthly fee between $49 and $79 can be all it takes to get the professional sound of an established business—which is just what your new business needs to convince callers to choose you and stay with you as a customer for life.

As a new business, you’re being extra careful about cash flow. Easy On Hold works with many new businesses looking for affordable marketing without a large financial commitment. Each of Easy On Hold’s staff (known as music on hold experts) has experience with new businesses and has received training on ways to keep start-up costs down for these clients. One way that’s done is with a “zero down” option, whereby Easy On Hold will provide a custom on hold message service, and in some cases even on hold equipment, with no cash up front. If you feel you can get your hold button playing audio without the help of a telephone technician you can save even more. Easy On Hold has authored many articles on how to install hold music systems. They can be found at

It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas!


Music on hold–that sound you hear when you call a business and are being transferred or are asked to wait a moment–makes your experience more pleasant. It’s even more impressive when you discover that the business you’ve called cared enough to play something relevant for you. In November and December, that means holiday music and greetings.

Of course, all music on hold must be properly licensed, since the telephone transmission is considered a broadcast. By using a music on hold service you avoid the peril of violations and receive personalized help in getting the right file format, voice-over announcements and updates. You can hear music samples and request a holiday on hold music and message production at

Here’s a sampling of recommended Christmas and holiday music on hold tracks for your business. Jim Brickman Piano Christmas Music offered by Easy On HoldClick on the track name to hear the sample.

1) Jim Brickman Christmas Songs. Grammy Award winner and Windham Hill artist Jim Brickman has recorded 12 Christmas and holiday songs exclusively licensed to BMG Music and Easy On Hold. Jim Brickman has been named ” the most charted male Adult Contemporary artist to date” and is a gifted pianist and arranger. Recommended: Here We Come A Caroling, Joy To The World, Auld Lang Syne.

2) Good Grief! It’s the Charlie Brown sound! The wonderful musical score for A Charlie Brown Christmas was composed and played by Vince Guaraldi. It included jazzy versions of popular songs.  We’ve got a few selections in this style, including What Child Is This Jazz and Jazzy Jingle. These selections are performed by a jazz trio, and will bring a bit of cool to the season.

3) Holiday Category, Sugar Plum Fairies. Visions do, in fact, dance in your head when this classical piece is played. sample this superb orchestral arrangement of the Tchaikovsky classic Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies from A Nutcracker Suite.

Holiday Greetings For Callers On Hold
While you’re choosing music, remember that your callers will appreciate end-of-year announcements, such as closings and change of hours announcements. You might have a seasonal offer or two to talk about as well.

Holiday-specific greetings are also available, to create a “Christmas card on hold” affect. Callers will enjoy holiday wishes, such as:

  • “The year end brings the opportunity to offer you season’s greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and new year be filled with joy!”
  • “Have a happy holiday season and a new year filled with peace and prosperity.”

The Premium Holiday On Hold Production includes:

  • Fully customized; professionally written 400-word script, male and/or female voice talent and music of your choice.
  • Tell callers about holiday hours and closings, special holiday ordering deadlines, end of the year information/customized greetings.
  • Special Price: $199—a significant savings over our standard Single Premium price of $395.

It only takes a few days to prepare a custom message on hold, but it would be wise to get started now (you know what they say about the holiday rush, right?). Contact your Easy On Hold music on hold expert at 1-888-798-HOLD (4653) to get started, or visit: and place an order online.


On Hold Message Pricing That Makes Sense


If you’ve looked around for an affordable music and message on hold system, you’ve noticed that no two on-hold providers seem to do things the same way.

For example, what one provider calls a “message” is just a paragraph to us. Some providers price per message… or offer packages of two, four, six or twelve messages that need to be used up in a year. Sometimes there is an annual fee. Sometimes there’s a set-up fee. Sometimes you’re required to use a particular piece of equipment… and often there are long term contracts. So where can you find a simple, flexible, affordable message on hold plan? Easy On Hold.

As experts, Easy On Hold knows how to customize a solution that’s not too big or too small for your needs.

Because not everyone needs equipment for playing music and messages on hold, Easy On Hold does not require or include equipment in any of our packages. Equipment can be purchased separately at an excellent price, if needed.

If you want just hold music, or music with generic “thank you “ greetings, choose a STOCK production for 59 dollars. After you make your purchase, your music will be available as a download from your Easy On Hold “My Account” page right on our website. If you purchase two 4-minute music tracks, you’ll receive two additional tracks for free.

But remember, your on hold system is a powerful and low cost way to reduce hang ups and improve customer service. The right message can improve your image… inform, educate, update… up-sell, cross-sell, or soft-sell… answer frequently asked questions… make people feel more at ease and more important to your business. When callers know that you’re smart enough to take care of them while they’re on hold, they’ll be convinced that you’ll be able to cater to all of their needs. That’s why we recommend a custom script of about 400 words, carefully written for the ear of your caller.

There are four ways to purchase Productions:

The Anytime Plan provides unlimited updates… that’s as many custom on-hold productions as you need over a 12 month period for a one time fee of $995… or spread out the cost over 12 months with one payment of $395 and eleven equal monthly payments. And right now, Easy On Hold is bringing you an amazing free equipment offer. We’ll get to that in just a moment!

To change your message a few times, go with the Value Package. You’ll get four Premium message on hold productions for.$795; and if you don’t use all four within one year, don’t worry… your purchase will “roll over”. Take as long as you like while taking advantage of the bulk price. And with the Value Package, you’ll get two free bonuses. We’ll include a holiday version for free. That’s one of your custom productions put to a holiday music theme, with optional holiday greetings such as “happy holidays” or “merry Christmas”. And the second great bonus is a free auto attendant greeting, up to one hundred words. When callers reach your office when you’re not there, or when all lines are busy, your professional voice talent will greet them with a professional presentation that makes a great first impression. So that’s four Premium on hold message productions, one holiday version and an auto attendant greeting all for just $795, with no other payments or obligations. Pay once, play forever.

Just getting started? The Starter Package is an excellent value. For just a little bit more than a single production, you’ll receive two Premium Easy on Hold productions to use whenever you like. And there’s a free holiday version included, too. That’s one custom production right now… the holiday version for use between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day and another completely original custom production to stay sounding fresh. Quality that’s affordable.

If you aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to use more than one Premium production, get started with a single 4-minute production for $395 and take up to sixty days to upgrade. We’ll apply one hundred percent of your purchase to another package.

Now, here’s that free equipment offer we mentioned.

When you purchase the Anytime Plan, we’ll give you the option of taking delivery of our best music and message on hold player for free. That’s a 575-dollar player to use for free, as long as you maintain your anytime Plan with Easy on Hold. Why are we doing this? Because this new message on hold player lets us make you sound great…and when you sound great, we’re more likely to earn your continued business.

When you choose the iProMOH (say it, “eye-pro-mo”) and the Anytime Plan from Easy On Hold, you’ll be ready to launch your own “branded on hold radio station”. Working with our studio, you can schedule announcements and on-hold music that change throughout the day, week, month and year automatically. You’ll never play an out of date message on hold; you’ll never have to remember to change the message. In fact you’ll never even have to touch the iProMOH once it’s installed. Everything is controlled remotely, from our studio via a standard Internet connection.

You might be thinking, “this sounds complicated”… and while the iProMOH is sophisticated, installation is simple. Our excellent tech support makes it happen.

Everywhere you look, message on hold audio is produced as a 3, 4 or 6 minute loop. You get the same 6 or 8 paragraphs of announcements repeating over and over in the same order with the same background music every few minutes, every hour of every day. Why would you want what everyone else has? Why not try something different? Say, “good morning” or “good afternoon.” Talk about upcoming weekly specials or seasonal offers when they can deliver the most punch.  Something that callers will notice and appreciate?! This is what we do best. We can make your phone on hold marketing part of your overall marketing plan.

From $59 to unlimited announcements and the most capable message on hold equipment in the market today…  get just what you need from the music on hold experts: Easy On Hold.