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Troubleshooting Guide For USB Type Music On Hold Message Player Device

USB Pro Music On Hold Message Player

USB-Pro MUSIC ON HOLD TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE About The USB Pro The USB-Pro, like other .mp3 music on hold message player devices, delivers a constant stream of sound for phone systems that allow introduction of on-hold audio by an external on hold device. This guide will help troubleshoot for lack of audio and poor sound quality. […]

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Music On Hold For Marketers Who Want Better Results


Music On Hold Provider Offers Internet-Load “Smart Player” For Savvy Marketers Who Want Better Results June 6, 2012—The music on hold industry and Easy On Hold is making leaps and bounds with the latest in on hold technology– “smart players” that automatically provide content downloads right into the phone system, with the ability to provide […]

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Can Your Message On Hold Company Be Green? 10 Ways We Are.


A recent blog post at gets it right when they say: Message on hold is one of the most cost effective methods of communicating a company’s marketing message to its customers and prospective customers, and it works.  But messages on hold can also be one of the most environmentally friendly forms of advertising there […]


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