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Assisted Living & Senior Care Customized On Hold Messages

Every caller is a potential resident.

For those who need assistance, whether at home or in your facility, asking for help may be difficult. For seniors or family members who have decided to make the phone call to your office, it is important to provide a mix of music and messages on hold to make callers feel relaxed and welcome.

Kris Leigh Assisted Living

Sample of a script for Kris Leigh Assisted Living

Caregivers, clinical teams, and every member of our caring staff all have three things in common: a great deal of respect, sensitivity, and compassion. These top health professionals will work together and with YOU to develop a customized service plan, helping each resident maintain a strong sense of independence and dignity. We invite you to learn more about our hands-on approach.

Topics to communicate in your on hold production:

  • Facility features and comforts
  • Medical care levels, nursing, therapy
  • Quality of professional personnel
  • Warm, personal approach
  • Social and community events
  • Maintain an active lifestyle
  • Holiday greetings and music

Boosting attendance at community and social events can provide a strong opportunity for growth. Be sure to talk about upcoming events on your phone! While callers are on-hold, they can hear about seasonal gatherings and fun activities. If you're afraid that you won't remember to change the on hold messages once the event is over, don't worry. Easy On Hold provides sophisticated message on hold equipment that plays on hold announcements based on a predetermined schedule. You'll never play an out-of-date message on hold, and you'll be able to promote events right up to the day they happen.

Holiday on hold greetings and music are appreciated

At the holidays, we can often feel blue when we're concerned about a senior family member. This is the time to change the music on hold to a cheerful holiday tune. Look into using special holiday on hold music and messages to set a pleasant mood.

Support radio, tv and print advertising

It makes sense to coordinate your marketing efforts across all media and touchpoints. Hopefully your successful advertisements will result in phone calls. But what happens when a caller has to wait for a moment? Use that "on-hold time" to reinforce the message you already advertised. These marketing announcements are like stepping stones that lead prospects to your door.

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