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Car & Auto Dealer On Hold Music And Messages Important Marketing Component

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Auto West Group manages multiple dealerships from one convenient login. The live streaming solution provides up to the minute marketing messages that get results.

From new hybrid technologies, to MPG to cash for clunkers, cars and car dealers have been in the news. How has all of the attention (positive and negative) impacted customer loyalty at automotive dealerships? There is brand loyalty, as in, "my family has always driven Fords," and there is dealership loyalty. Dealers can do a great deal to impact customer attitudes, and ultimately build long-term buyer relationships.

A High-Touch Approach

Jim VandenBerg, owner of Maple Hill Auto Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has initiated a marketing approach he calls high touch. It involves local sponsorships of community groups and events and being hands-on with customers. Vandenberg says, "it's a slow process. This is not an overnight 'put an ad in the paper and go' but now, we have so many customers who come in and say, 'you sponsor our kids'."

Part of the customer focus at Maple Hill is to provide car buyers free car washes at any time, discounted oil change service, personal follow-up customer satisfaction phone calls and a streamlined service center.

Messages On Hold Important

The dealership has cut back on traditional advertising, which can be expensive and more difficult to target, while implementing the Easy On Hold Anytime Plan, which provides ongoing customer-centered announcements to callers who have been placed on hold. Community events are promoted to callers to the dealership through an automated message on hold system developed by marketing message provider Easy On Hold.

Message on hold announcements at car dealerships can be synchronized with other marketing efforts, strengthening their impact. Easy On Hold's Anytime Plan provides dealers unlimited changes and updates of their phone hold messages for a flat annual fee. Dealers can even greet callers with, "good morning" and "good afternoon".

On Hold Announcements Flexible, Up To Date

As a dealership's showroom, parts department and service center hours vary from day to day and on weekends, the messages on hold are a convenient way to remind customers, "tonight our parts department is open until 7pm," or "today and every Tuesday and Thursday our service center is open early, at 6am for your convenience."

For automotive dealership, customer loyalty is a process of staying involved with the buyer at every touch-point before, during and after the sale. A quality car dealership messages on hold program helps make that happen.
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Waiting On Hold At Auto Parts And Service Could Be Time Well-Spent

It's happened to all of us: Your car is in the shop for a repair. The last word from the auto tech was that a part needed to be delivered and installed. You're hoping your car is ready, so you call. Now you're waiting on hold. In the automotive repair industry, this ritual is inevitible, and it's wasted time with your customer unless you've got an active message on hold program. Maybe your shop is ready to put this on-hold time to good use!

Be prepared for inevitable on-hold time.

A simple message on hold plan is nothing more that taking a few minutes to prepare for what you know will happen: customers waiting on hold. A few minutes of preparation can pay off!