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Branding is just the beginning for hoteliers who are increasingly specific with customized hold music message announcements.

Call the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids, Michigan and you might get placed on hold. Even though this high-end hotel tries to keep "on-hold-time" to a minimum, there are peak hours that leave callers waiting long enough to hear a helpful message.


Specials at the spa and restaurant are among the time-sensitive announcements that inform callers who are waiting on hold.

Marriott properties around the US have long depended on Easy On Hold for professional messaging. Lately, though, it seems that the announcements are becoming more specifically targeted to help those waiting on hold. For example, limited-time offers and facts about new amenities are featured on-hold, then automatically scheduled to come off at a predetermined date. What makes this possible is the technology behind Easy On Hold's Anytime Plan.

What Callers Are Hearing

  • Local attractions
  • Upcoming events
  • Weddings and catering
  • Child care and programs
  • Spa services
  • Restaurant specials
  • Advance booking offers
  • One of a kind upgrade offers

Customer Focus Is Key

What should you say (and not say) in your message on hold at your hotel? Kelly McGuire, Executive Director, Hospitality and Travel Global Practice for SAS, says to avoid generic messages."

My New Zealand colleague and I were trading personal pet peeves about hospitality and travel between meetings in Macau. She used to work in call centers, and pointed out to me that nearly every "hold" message starts with "Your call is very important to us". Well, if it were that important, wouldn't you answer it instead of putting me on hold?"

This conversation got me thinking about how important it is to keep the guest at the center of the hospitality experience, with everything that happens designed around the experience that the brand promise sets for that guest. Read more in her article at