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Major Players In Manufacturing, Distribution Say On Hold Messages Make An Impact


On hold messages and auto-attendant announcements reach distributors and consumers from manufacturing and distribution facilities. With a volume of daily phone calls that rivals the busiest call centers in the nation, Blue Linx Corporation keeps buyers up to date while they wait.

Blue Linx Corporation began in 1954 as the distribution division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation and today is the largest distributor of building products in the US. Blue Linx takes care of 11,500 customers in the USA, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. To keep those customers informed while they wait on-hold, Blue Linx depends on Easy On Hold.

Manufacturers and distributors may not be talking directly to the end-consumer, but people buy from people and in today's drive-thru world, nobody likes to wait. People on hold means buyers on hold, and that gives manufacturers and distributors a chance to talk about new products, special promotions and company news.

Liberty Safe markets to both consumers and resellers.


Sometimes a manufacturer needs to talk to two audiences, as does Liberty Safe, the number one producer of gun safes, fire safes and home safes. Liberty markets directly to the consumer on radio and the web (Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey radio shows) and also to dealers and retailers. For 8 years, Liberty Safe has worked with Easy On Hold for professional telephone announcements, including auto attendant and messages on hold.