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Download Case Study Report On Music and Messages On Hold in Healthcare Today

This case study report reveals that the most common negative patient complaint is on the subject of communication. Most often, the telephone is the method patients use to make appointments and seek answers at health care and medical offices. Easy On Hold® offers effective solutions in specific areas.

Advanced Cardiac Care, a busy medical office in the Midwest, uses on-hold messaging and in-office background music. View the video with the Administrator from Advanced Cardiac, who talks about how music and messages on hold are an important part of a comprehensive patient care approach.

Why Custom Messaging?

When a patient calls, you have three touch-points to consider: The way the phone is answered, what the caller hears while on hold and possibly how the telephone automated attendant handles a call after hours or during busy times of the day. Easy On Hold provides custom on hold messaging and auto attendand (IVR, Voice Mail Greetings) announcements for your medical practice.

Overhead or background music promotes a calm, professional atmosphere while masking private conversation.

The many benefits of overhead music in your practice far outweigh the minimal monthly cost.

Family in waiting room listening to music at doctor's office

Overhead music:

  • Creates a plesant atmosphere
  • Makes wait time seem shorter, compared with silence while waiting
  • Protects private conversation with a "sound masking" effect
  • Promotes a professional image of your practice
  • Relieves your practice of copyright and music performance licensing liability
  • Pre-screens content, to avoid offensive content typical with FM, AM and XM-Sirius satellite radio, Pandora ads
  • Is uninterrupted by station identifications and advertisments common with radio, satellite and internet music sources
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