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    We know how to protect your family's financial future.
    Spanish translation and recording (male or female) is available.
    Reassuring information about protecting your home.
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    Be prepared with roadside assistance. Best policies, best rates.
    Use an experienced firm with experience in business insurance.
    Professional voice recordings for IVR, Auto Attendant, after hours greetings for insurance businesses.
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Create a Great Customer Experience with Phone On Hold Messages

Phone on hold is a best-practice for insurance businesses. Easy On Hold® is the provider of messages and music on hold for eHealth, Answer Financial, Allegiance Insurance and even the company with those hillarious tv commercials, as well as businesses of every size.

The phone is a critical customer touchpoint

Small family-owned insurance businesses and the large providers both know that a great customer experience makes all the difference. A potential client can quickly hang up and in a few clicks make a purchase elsewhere. Here are some ways to improve the caller journey:

  1. Use professionally-recorded greetings for IVR, automated attendant and after-hours
  2. Music may not be the best approach, since many buyers are on cell phones that can't transmit hold music clearly
  3. Use Easy On Hold® script writers to create a special 'voice' script made for listening, not reading
  4. Consider streaming messages on hold that can automatically start and stop messaging based on time of day, day of the week, etc. Imagine hearing 'good morning' and 'good afternoon'!
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Easy On Hold® serves eHealth and many well-known insurance businesses

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Messages On Hold Tips For Insurance Businesses

Your Easy On Hold representative is an expert with professional script writing services close at hand. Often, to get a better idea of how to use messages on hold, a company will request a free demonstration audio production, including custom script, voices and music. There are many things your insurance company should think about including in a custom message on hold:

  1. Develop a value statement that briefly and simply describes what your firm accomplishes for your clientele. Here's an example: 'At Investment Insurance Coordinators, our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals with sound strategies and the best in asset management.'
  2. Inspire callers to connect with you via your website and social media. This information that can be interspersed with more current insurance news items. For example: 'Pleased with Capitol’s service? Like us on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win free tickets to an Indianapolis Indians game and more! We appreciate your loyalty to our agency.'
  3. Encourage referrals, as does Capital Insurance: 'If you’re happy with our service, why not refer a friend or co-worker and we’ll reward you with a 10, 15, or 20 dollar gas card, whether they buy from us or not. It’s our way of saying thanks for your referral. Just go to '“'Capitol I N S dot com' and click the Referral Contest link to enter!'
  4. Upsell messages are valuable. Think of the information your customers find most surprising, that will lead them to do more business with you. For example, 'Umbrella policies are more affordable than you might think...'
  5. Be personal. Your message on hold is directed to just one person, and that person wants to feel as though they're your only customer. 'There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy. You want coverage that is flexible enough to fit your long-term business needs.'

These are just a few ways to get some ideas flowing

Next, talk to your Easy On Hold® music on hold expert who will develop a free custom message on hold demo you can hear in 3 business days. Once you begin working with the Easy On Hold team, your custom script, music and announcements come together to create a powerful communications tool that works for you every day, automatically.

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