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2-Channel Business Audio Player Support

Instructions, User Guide, Specifications

Easy On Hold 2-Channel Business Audio System Music On Hold Device and overhead background business music system.


  • On-Premise External Music On Hold / Message On Hold from http stream
  • On-Premise External MOH from USB drive
  • Overhead Background (In-Store) Music (mono or stereo)


  • 600-Ohms RCA (Channel 1, Channel 2)
  • 8-Ohms RCA (Channel 1, Channel 2)
  • 8-Ohms 3.5mm (stereo, Tip = Channel 1, Ring = Channel 2, Sleeve = Ground)
  • Ethernet (used when rtp stream is required to be broadcast (multicast) in 8Bit/8Khz .wav μLaw (example: Cisco CUCM)


The device is configured for you by Easy On Hold® technicians. The player can be used in DHCP mode, or assign a unique IP address.

  • There is no web process or server on the unit.
  • No serial connection is available.
  • SSH is disabled by default.
  • The known methods for hijacking a “black box” on the network will not work.
  • USB port will not allow Linux commands.
  • There are only three outgoing requests:
    1. To listen to the stream on a single server.
    2. A status request, which goes to the same server to report uptime (not a vague internet check, only that the one specific server is up)
    3. To get the correct time (port configurable).

Recommended: use a “guest” network or DMZ to simplify network settings.


Press SYSTEM INFO button to manually scroll through the following screens:

  1. Title Page, including Easy On Hold® support phone number
  2. Now Playing on Channel 1: artist, track title
  3. Now Playing on Channel 2: artist, track title (if configured)
  4. Client Name and Device Serial Number
  5. Connection Status
  6. Current time and date (local)
  7. Network Settings – This page shows items useful for diagnosing network connectivity issues, including Internet Protocol Address (IP Address), Internet Gateway, Netmask, Ethernet MAC address. The IP address, Gateway and Netmask are either obtained via DHCP when that is mode configured, or configured statically during installation, using values provided by your network administrator. The ethernet MAC address is a fixed value, set during manufacturing.
  8. Network Statistics – This page shows network Internet Protocol address, network errors and network packet counters. These are useful to show the network connection is operating correctly.
  9. Network DNS Information – This page shows the Domain Name System (DNS) server addresses in use. These are typically allocated automatically by the DHCP server, or configured statically during installation, using values provided by your network administrator.
  10. Time Information – Network Time Protocol information. Shows the server used to obtain the correct time and the currently configured time zone.
  11. Device Statistics – This page shows: current temperature, maximum temperature (both in degrees Celsius), up-time since power on and total run-time for the unit (in hours). The unit should be operated in normal room temperature environment, between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius (50 and 86 °F).
  12. Stream Position – Shows the current stream position in seconds. Useful for diagnosing that the network and stream playback are operating correctly.
  13. Data Storage (Memory) – Shows space on internal storage partitions.
  14. USB Information – Shows the available space on USB drive, if in use.
  15. System Statistics – To assist in diagnosing system issues, this page shows a selection of internal statistics, including uptime, processor load, memory usage, disk usage and Ethernet / WiFi network usage.


  • POWER SUPPLY: Length: 6 feet / 2 meters. 5V 3.0 Amps Only use provided adapter. Input 100V-240V AC
  • OUTPUTS: Line Out - RCASpeaker Out - RCASpeaker Out - 3.5mm “tip-ring-sleeve”:Channel 1: Tip; Channel 2: Ring; Ground: Sleeve
  • NETWORK: RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet IEEE 802.3
  • WI-FI 2.4 GHZ BGN IEEE 802.11 Internal Antenna
  • INTERNET ACCESS: http: and https: Port 80 and Port 443 With network time configured: UDP Port 123
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 Pounds / .54 Kg with packaging
  • SIZE 5.9 x 1.8 x 5.7 inches / 151 x 45 x 145 mm
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0º C to 45º C / 32º to 113º F
  • STORAGE TEMPERATURE:-20º C to +70º C / -4º to 158º F
  • STREAM TYPE: http .mp3 or 8Bit 8khz μLaw .wav rtp
  • BANDWIDTH CONSUMPTION: 0.025 GB/hr @ 128Kbps / 0.13 GB/hr @ 192Kbps
  • SSH: Disabled; enabled upon request
  • I.P. ADDRESS: Static or DHCP
  • TIME SERVER:UDP Port 123; may be configured to custom time server
  • URL: and/


Conveniently this device provides the option of playing audio sourced from a connected USB drive. The files must use the .mp3 extenstion and can be of any quality. Files are played in alphanumeric order. To learn how to set up and change audio for the device in the USB application, please view the video below.

Music On Hold System Connection

For a music on hold messaging system, the device connects to the internet to receive its 128Kbps stream (192Kbps for Brandi Music background retail business music service), and provides continuous audio to the phone system MOH port.

Professional streaming audio device for music on hold how to set up plug in connect to IP PBX Avaya Office IP

Installation Tips

Connect to your internet router (or use the built-in wifi) and connect the audio output to your audio or phone system. Use optional volume control on the device.

This professional-grade audio player device is compatible with most phone systems. The output is ideal for the connection required by your phone system. The audio cable (included) connects to your phone system's MOH input. An audio adapter plug is included for systems using alternative connections.
You'll hear full quality sound from the internal audio processors.