How to Stream Music on Hold For Your Communications Platform

Your guide to cloud-based and on-premise streaming music on hold messages. Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH and more.

Linux Friendly

http .mp3 stream uses mpg-123 in Linux. Simple.

HLS Stream

We have the correct HLS streaming format for Aura CM.

Bicom Systems
Built-in Convenience

Place URL in a field. That's it.

No Device Needed

From the cloud, the SIP connection for streaming MOH.


New VVB integration + RTP for CUCM. Cisco recommends Easy On Hold®.

Fast Installation

For the Fortinet appliance, a simple URL is provided.


Use the recommended module for easy implementation.

http URL

Fusion has a media server for our streams. Take advantage.

Pure Engage Solution

The specific HLS stream type for cloud or appliance based MOH.

Easy Config

Use a URL, no equipment required.

Partner Program

Solve common complains with default music; earn fees.

Proven Streaming

Streaming with OnSIP since 2013. Simple and impressive solution.

Plug, Play

4-line analog phone has input for our streaming player device.

http, https, .mp3

Experiment with this streaming URL. Other formats available.


The Streaming MOH Technical Brief includes information for Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, TPX, FreePBX, Asterisk Streaming MOH

Is your current music on hold system playing audio files? Are you tasked with changing the MOH files or keeping them current? The Easy On Hold® solution for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Asterisk, FreePBX and other platforms will enable a secure, hands-free streaming music on hold feed directly into your phone system. We are experienced in providing call center hold music.


How We Do It

Our streaming solution, in operation in over a thousand locations, will automate the changing music and announcements callers hear on hold. We have develpoed proprietary streaming solutions for many of the major platforms.

Cisco Call Manager Hold Music. For example, CUCM music on hold normally specifies a .wav file. By default, this file will play from the beginning each time a caller is placed on hold. Rather than write code to manage files, a live streaming music on hold solution will play continuously, for more variety. In addition, you will no longer need to change audio files, as all audio content management is handled in the Easy On Hold user portal.

Genesys Hold Music. Easy On Hold® has developed, tested and deployed streaming MOH into the Genesys Pure Engage platform. It is the answer to cloud based phone music on hold. We also have experience with the Genesys Pure Connect deployment.

Asterisk Music On Hold Streams Including FreePBX. The http .mp3 protocol is provided for your Asterisk and Free PBX streaming music on hold needs. You will find out details in the Streaming MOH Technical Brief.

TPX Hold Music. TPX (previously known as Telepacific) has sucessfully deployed our Broadsoft MOH streaming solution. Contact us for a technical discussion on TPX and Broadsoft.

Nextiva Hold Music. As a certified Nextiva Partner, Easy On Hold® has a confirmed streaming music on hold solution for the Nextiva Platform. If you are a Nextiva dealer or user, you now have an automated stream that keeps on hold content current and fresh, which callers appreciate. Learn how to leverage this innovation to generate more business.

Audio player produces audio from USB and live streams

Secure internet performance

Use in DHCP mode, or assign a unique IP address.

  • No web process or server on the unit.
  • No serial connection available.
  • SSH is disabled by default.
  • USB port will not allow Linux commands.
  • There are only three outgoing requests:
    1. Listen to a stream (https)
    2. Server up status request
    3. Obtain correct time (port configurable).

Easy On Hold® streaming solution specifications


http or https .mp3

HLS available upon request

rtp available from on-prem device

PCM for Cisco VVB available upon request from cloud or on-prem


Custom message on hold content created by Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Third party content can be hosted Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Hit music by popular artists (powered by Brandi Music) at 192Kbps mono or stereo

Discover Streaming MOH: Get The Technical Guide

image of cover of the report, Streaming MOH
  • Stream security, redundancy, management
  • Formats, sample rates, bandwidth
  • Port scheme
  • Live reporting features
  • Telephony platforms supported
  • New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
  • User portal
  • New 2-Channel streaming device
  • Why your business team will love streaming