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Implement Streaming Music and Messages On Hold in Genesys Cloud Phone System

Stream Live Marketing Content

Music on hold for Genesys telephone systems

Your Genesys Cloud Phone System can play audio streams from Easy On Hold®. The streaming system provides many benefits:

  • Easily manage content for multiple locations
  • Use automated timing of announcements to say "good morning", "good afternoon", etc.
  • Schedule message changes in advance for targeted marketing
  • Save time by eliminating file uploads

Genesys HTTP Live Streaming MOH Deployment Instructions

The following is an excerpt from the SIP Server Deployment Guide
    The SIP Server supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) in the following scenarios:
  • When treatments are applied on a Routing Point (TreatmentPlayAnnouncement/TreatmentMusic)
  • For music-on-hold treatments, when a call on the DN is placed on hold, or when a call is waiting on an ACD Queue

The feature is available through the MSML protocol.

    Feature Configuration
  • To use this feature, SIP Server must be integrated with MCP version or later.
    • In the SIP Server configuration, do the following as required:
    • For music-on-hold treatments, either at an Application or DN level, specify the proper URL to HTTP Live Streaming server in the default-music option. (For example: default-music=http://123.45.678.90/hls/audio)

Settings and Parameters

  • For music treatments, in a routing strategy, specify the URI to the HTTP Live Streaming server in the MUSIC_DN treatment parameter.
  • For announcements, in a routing strategy, specify the URI to the HTTP Live Streaming server in the TEXT treatment parameter.
  • In the MCP configuration, specify the format of audio segments in the transcoders parameter. (For example, if audio segments are encoded in the MP3 format, you must add MP3 into the list of transcoders, as follows: [mpc].transcoders=G722 GSM G726 G729 MP3

Easy On Hold Will Provide Custom MOH Streams For Genesys Phone System (Cloud, Call Center)


All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.