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Grow your business using our powerful streaming platform

Upgrade your telecom offering with streaming music and messages on hold.

Your clients want something more than default music and short, repetitive files. Streams are unlimited. With custom scheduling, announcements are never out of date.

Position your company as a technology leader.

File based MOH has been around since the 1980s. Today, streaming is the norm for audio delivery. Easy On Hold® streaming MOH is a proven technology, tested and in use in high-security environments such as banks, credit unions, hospitals and universities.

Stop loading files. Set up your client's stream once and you're done.

Clients control stream content in their Easy On Hold® portal. You no longer are responsible for the MOH.

Earn referral cash. Let EOH do the work.

Easy On Hold® handles the entire transaction and customer support. You receive fast cash rewards.

Easy On Hold® streaming solution specifications


http or https .mp3

HLS available upon request

rtp available from on-prem device

PCM for Cisco VVB available upon request from cloud or on-prem


Custom message on hold content created by Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Third party content can be hosted Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Hit music by popular artists (powered by Brandi Music) at 192Kbps mono or stereo