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    Your home should reflect your lifestyle, personality and family.
    After damage occurs, you need someone on your side, with the right building skills.
    Oldcastle PreCast has relied on Easy On Hold® for many years, for phone on hold marketing messages.
    Our construction team brings experience to your remodeling projects.
    We are also an experienced commercial builder. For remodeling your office or building a new one.
    Look for us on Facebook and Instagram to see photos of our work and stay in touch.
    quality supplies for builders, contractors, construction crews.
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Are you delivering great customer service?

Have you trained everyone in your office on the best way to answer the phone and talk to clients?

What happens when callers are placed on hold?

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Great customer service starts with improved communication.

- Construction Business Owner MagazineĀ®

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People want information

One of the simplest ways to improve customer service is to implement a custom message on hold program. If a caller is left on hold in silence, they may think the call has been disconnected. Music? Yes, music can be added to your phone system, but in national surveys, more than 75% say they'd like to hear something other than just music on hold. People prefer information that can help them as they choose your firm or continue work with you.

Old Castle, the leading concrete provider in the US, has been able to communicate specific hours of operation, critical to the supply chains they manage. Clients need to know if you're closed for a holiday or if you've changed or extended your hours.

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Why Custom Messages On Hold?

BlueLinx, Universal Forest Products and OldCastle are just a few of the construction industry giants that use Easy On Hold custom messages. Why?

  1. Loyalty. On hold messages connect with callers; build relationships.
  2. Values. Green building methods and certifications align with buyers.
  3. Resources. Callers learn where to see photo galleries and videos.
  4. Confidence. Your awards and history.
  5. Action. Demonstrate that your services and facilities offer an active, fun lifestyle for today's engaged seniors!

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