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The all-inclusive fitness center on hold system

You've got so much to talk about. Classes, contests, community outreach. You've got to get members talking. One way to do that is with messages on hold. When members call to check on their membership, ask a question, or respond to your ongoing marketing efforts, they'll likely experience some on-hold time. Use that time to get your messages out. Get the conversation going!

We've got some great ideas for you!

Request a free music on hold demo and tell us about your club. We'll write an original script that will appeal to your members, record it and post it online for easy access. Once we get started, we'll keep the ideas and fresh content coming with a convenient and affordable plan that retains memberships, encourages referrals and promotes your events, products and classes. Messaging on hold and overhead adds energy to your club, and is very good for business.

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Fitness Background Music — Free Trial

Try Legal Music
  1. Use music in your common areas for an energetic atmosphere
  2. Create a special 'zone' of lighter music in locker rooms
  3. Choose from over 70 channels of music by your favorite artists
  4. Blend channels for a unique mix
  5. Schedule music to automatically change throughout the day
  6. Note: Easy On Hold® provides music only for background use, which is not licensed for classes whereby physical movement is dependent upon the music

Music makes a difference, and our business music system gives you automation and flexibility you just won't get with Pandora or Spotify. (And unlike those personal media accounts, our service is legal for use in a business!).

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Why Custom Messages On Hold?

  1. Referrals. The fastest way to grow your business is through member referrals
  2. Personal Training. Use hold time to introduce your trainers and upsell members
  3. Nutrition. Talk about the products you sell
  4. Events. Every time you sponsor an event, you build attendance by talking it up to callers waiting on hold
  5. Groups. How many free group classes do you offer? Let everyone know

Talk to the music on hold experts

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  1. Find out what costs may be involved
  2. Request a free custom script and sample audio
  3. Talk to our experts about compatibility with your communications platform
  4. For call centers/contact centers: discover new technology for Queue Music solutions
  5. No obligation; it takes only 15 to 30 minutes to get the right music on hold messages solution