Salon Spa Messages On Hold Samples

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Sample Messages On Hold for Salon and Spa

    Details do count! Help your clientele arrive prepared.
    Build excitement (and attendance) with details about upcoming events.
  1. FOR MEN
    Guys are welcome. Great services and products just for him.
    Name brand, high quality products. Talk about what's new.
    Flash sales, events, photos, tips. So many reasons to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
    Any time of year, safe, beautiful tanning is in style.

Successful Marketing For Your Salon Spa

Communication is key in the personal services industry. When your phone rings at your busy salon, you can ask callers to "please hold", but only if you have a well-thought-out message on hold for them to hear.

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We're engaging customers in the thought process that brings them back. It's so important that we talk about our guest services and events. It's important to have a custom message from Easy On Hold®

- Kathy Brown, Owner, Studio 24 SalonSpa

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Promote, Promote, Promote

Phone on hold messaging is just one of the ways salons and spas are reaching out to clients to build relationships, and ultimately business.

Imagine you're a salon-spa client, calling in to make an appointment, or ask for advice. The front desk is busy with visitors and scheduling, so your call is placed on hold. What would you like to hear?

The salon is a great place to be, so you'd want to hear some music that reminds you of that fact. A friendly, matter-of-fact voice speaks to you as a real person would (not a salesperson). You hear about a special event, a new product or some of the good works in the community the stylists are up to.

Sounds good. Feels good.

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I have used Easy on Hold messages for probably 10 years. Their customer service is amazing. As busy as I am, their reminder emails, for me, are even better. The reminder emails let me know that I need to redo my on hold message. I can even give them information and they will write the on hold message for me. They are on the ball with immediately turning around the message; so, I can listen to it and get it uploaded immediately. Thank you Easy on Hold for making my business better by communicating with my clientele, when we have to put them on hold, about new services were doing or anything else I want to communicate to them.

- Tina M. Long, Parker Med Spa

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Why Custom Messages On Hold?

  1. The Feel. Create a special style with music that fits your brand
  2. Color. Promote your talented colorists; change color promotions through the seasons
  3. Skin Care. Draw the listener in with descriptive and specially-branded care packages
  4. Relax. Your busy clients increasingly see your SalonSpa as a theraputic, relaxing esape
  5. Products. You can never over-promote your product lines!
  6. Events Build. clientele at special events; create buzz by talking about the upcoming excitement

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