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Sample Messages On Hold for I.T., Technology, Managed Service Providers

    Let businesses know that you offer complaint services.
    Help inform callers on testing their connection to the web. You may solve their problem while their on hold!
    Use Easy On Hold« for professional IVR and Automated Attendant greetings for your business, and your customers.
    Callers need to know where they can find you, including on social media.
    Promote your cloud telephony solutions. Ask about Easy On Hold« Messages On Hold for your clients.
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Sound professional, help callers while they wait

Now you can sound like the experienced, professional expert you are. Messages on hold is particularly important for technology companies, because communications tech is part of what you do. Putting callers on hold naturally comes with the territory. If you're a help desk, you should measure your hold time and talk to Easy on Hold® about the most effective solution.

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We are very impressed. We have the same business philosophy as you: create a plan, offer the plan to our customer and pay only if you're satisfied.

- Louis Tafuto, IO Strategies®

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Cloud Phone On Hold: Can You Stream?

Learn About Streaming

If you're tired of loading message and music on hold files, consider our streaming platform. Our streaming solution, in operation in over a thousand locations, will automate the changing music and announcements callers hear on hold. We have developed proprietary streaming solutions for many of the major platforms.

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We like Easy On Hold®'s quality of services and products. The turn around time and phenomenal customer service is impeccable. Five stars.

- Nemuel Cruz, Great Scott Enterprises I.T.®

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Why Custom Messages On Hold?

  1. Security. Every business needs network security
  2. Trouble-Free. It's time to have our team manage your network
  3. Data Backup. Offsite data backup solutions are convenient and secure
  4. Services. Faster speeds for your business and residential internet needs
  5. Cloud Phones. Replace expensive phone service with a feature-rich cloud platform
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Do you install sound systems? Try legal background overhead music.

Try Legal Music
  1. Choose from over 70 channels of music by your favorite artists
  2. Blend channels for a unique mix
  3. Schedule music to automatically change throughout the day

Music makes a difference, and our business music system gives you automation and flexibility you just won't get with Pandora or Spotify. (And unlike those personal media accounts, our service is legal for use in a business!).

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  3. Talk to our experts about compatibility with your communications platform
  4. For call centers/contact centers: discover new technology for Queue Music solutions
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