Broadsoft Broadworks Streaming Music On Hold

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  • Replaces short default music loop.
  • No time limit—use any content.
  • Licensed music, including popular hits.
  • Customer content control panel.
Easy On Hold Broadsoft Broadworks Streaming MOH Solution
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Easy, elegant hold music solution improves caller satisfaction.

  • Continuous music from the stream vs. a music track plays from the beginning every time a call is placed on hold.
  • Unlimited content length vs. short audio file upload.
  • Stream content can be scheduled and managed from the EOH portal, vs. requiring support for changing files.
  • Background music, popular hit music, all proper licensing paid on the user's behalf.

Schedule a consultation with our engineering team.

Key questions our teams must discuss include:

  • The number of streams or locations using a stream.
  • The number of call groups each needing a unique content stream.
  • The maximum number of concurrently-held calls in each call group.

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Test the streaming queue music solution.

Why switch to streaming hold music audio to Broadsoft (Broadworks)?

Callers typically hear the "default" Broadworks hold music, which is unappealing.

Callers complain that the default "song" plays from the beginning every time they are placed on hold

Users find it inconvenient to change the audio on a regular basis

Lost opportunity to market to callers due to lack of message automation

Problem-solving, simple streaming hold music solution

Easy On Hold® has developed a live streaming platform that easily adapts to Broadsoft installations. Users are able to log in to a convenient dashboard to select music and messages. Each piece of audio uses start and stop dates and times for complete automation. The stream plays continuously, so callers are treated to fresh audio every time they are placed on hold. Marketing managers are talking to a purely receptive audience with time-sensitive announcements.

How It Works

Request a SIP source code from Easy On Hold®. The source behaves like an "extention" that calls connect to when they are in the "hold" or "park" state. The connection is released as the call is resumed. Our unique cloud-based platform makes it simple to install. The code does not change; users control all content via the secure client dashboard.

Broadsoft-Broadworks Streaming Queue Music Implementation Guide

Broadsoft Streaming Queue Music On Hold Implementation Guide
  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Scale
  • Prerequisites
  • Procedure
  • Support

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