Streaming Music On Hold For OnSIP


Easy On Hold is proud to have been chosen as the exclusive music on hold solutions provider for the OnSIP VOIP platform. Our revolutionary service is different from any other on hold solution available in the marketplace.

How to use streaming music on hold messages on OnSIP platform

Music On Hold (Music On Hold) settings allow you to control the music your callers hear when they are placed on hold.

To enable MoH, you must first increase your MoH channels to greater than 1 under the "Account" tab, PBX Settings box, Configure Music On Hold. Please check to see if this feature is already included in any plan you currently subscribe. You will only be charged if you are over your plan's allotment.

The MoH feature can be customized in the following interface locations:

  • Under the "Account" tab, you can set the number of simultaneous channels for your phone system, set a default MoH stream for your PBX, and enable Enhanced Music on Hold.
  • From the "Users" page, you can set the MoH stream for each individual user.
  • Under the "Resources" tab, you can create Music Sources for Enhanced MoH.
  • Under the "Apps" Tab, you can modify Music Sources for OnNet Conference Suite and ACD Queue MoH.

While OnSIP offers MoH to every customer, certain phones do not support this service. Click here to see Phone Limitations.

More streaming MOH for OnSIP details

  • Not an OnSIP customer? Visit OnSIP now!
  • You will be given your very own URL stream, configured for your OnSIP account.
  • A granular scheduling feature allows you to determine which messages your callers will hear throughout the day, week and month. Promote certain content in the morning, change it up in the afternoon, and again tomorrow if you like. You can be as specific or general in your scheduling as you need.
  • A day parting feature greets callers with a friendly good morning, good afternoon, or good evening periodically during their hold time for a more personalized hold experience.
  • Unlike traditional on hold music where one music selection loops over and over, Easy On Hold for OnSIP features always-fresh new music every 30 to 90 seconds for a seamless, more engaging listener experience. It’s unlike any on hold approach ever available before. Your on hold program will sound like your own produced radio station.
  • No equipment needed – uses your SIP-based phones.
  • Prices so low we can’t mention them here. Give us a call at 888-798-HOLD (4653), or fill out the form on this page.
  • Scriptwriting, male and female announcers, and licensed music included.
  • Foreign voiceover talent—Spanish, Portuguese, French, French Canadian and more--available for an additional fee.