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Which Phones Work With OnSIP Streaming MOH?

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When Easy On Hold launched streaming music on hold for OnSIP customers, we were inspired by a customer that had switched to OnSIP hosted service using Yealink phones. Why wouldn’t the music play for them but it would work for our in-office Polycom phone? In the OnSIPsphere, not all phones support MoH.

Try using a softphone solution


Softphones are essentially software-based phones. They mimic desk phones by presenting a phone interface on the computer, complete with a dialpad and call handling features (such as Mute, Hold, and Transfer). But since they operate on a computer, they are much more powerful than desk phones.

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So, which phones work with OnSIP Streaming MOH (music on hold)?

OnSIP is confident that the MOH service from Easy On Hold will work for Polycom phones that have been configured on the OnSIP boot server. They’re also confident about Panasonic desk phones (not DECT ) configured on the OnSIP boot server.

Setting Up OnSIP Streaming MOH

To enable streaming hold music from Easy On Hold, begin by upgrading to the enhanced music on hold feature from onSIP.

Next, you will need a compatible desk phone. The following is from the OnSIP Knowledgebase.

Polycom Phones

If you use Polycom phones, you must use the OnSIP Polycom boot server to utilize MoH.

  • Polycom: All Polycom phones on the boot server support MoH.

Panasonic Phones

If you use Panasonic phones, the desktop phones are the only phones that will support MoH, but you must use the OnSIP Panasonic boot server to utilize MoH.

  • Panasonic: KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248-B, KX-UTG200B, KX-UTG300B support MoH
  • Panasonic Kx-TGP5xx do not support MoH

Grandstream Phones

If you use Grandstream phones, the desktop phones, specifically models in the 21xx-series, are the only phones that will support MoH. Phones must use the OnSIP boot server to utilize MoH.

  • GXP2130
  • GXP2140
  • GXP2160

The Grandstream GXP3240 and 3275 have the ability to upload an MP3 file via the phone’s web interface. Details on how to do this would be in either the User Manual or reaching out to Grandstream. The Grandstream GXP31xx-series does not have the ability to either upload or use URL streams for MOH. MOH is not a feature available with these models.

Cisco/Linksys Phones

If you are using Cisco/Linksys phones there is currently a problem with the firmware for the 5xx (firmware version 7.5.2b and 7.6.2) and 9xx (firmware version 6.1.5(a)) SPA phones. The phone does not send the music on hold requests through the outbound proxy. This has been recognized as a bug by Cisco forum administrators; no known patch exists. For more information please follow these Cisco forum threads:

  • SPA 942
  • SPA 504 G
  • Linksys/Cisco SPA: 5XX Phones (501, 509, 525G) Very limited functionality and depends on firmware.  **504 does NOT work

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