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Custom On Hold Music For Avaya IP Office PBX

Understanding On Hold Music For Avaya IP Office PBX Has Never Been Easier

Your business could be using custom on hold music for your Avaya phone system. In fact, more phone hardware and service providers are starting to understand that custom on hold music content is important. An Avaya blog recently stated that putting a caller on hold is “an opportunity for you to inform callers about special offers or upcoming events.” True. Avaya also says, “If you regularly record different information that you might use for marketing purposes it could well be worth investing in an external device which makes it easier to have different recordings available.” An external device included at no cost in the Easy On Hold streaming music on hold marketing plan is like a radio that “listens” to your custom marketing on hold stream, which changes on a schedule automatically. Read more about streaming music on hold.

Avaya IP Office Mid-Size Business Phone System

Avaya IP Office is a flexible IP (internet protocol) based phone system that supports 5 to 1000 employees at a single site with mobile and video integration possible. Avaya has produced several videos to go along with case studies focusing on growing businesses, including the famous Carlo’s Bakery featured on TLC-TV’s show Cake Boss. Buddy Valastro in the Avaya IP Office video“We had an old phone system and it was like, ‘Carlo’s Bakery please hold’,” says bakery owner and star of Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro. Avaya IP Office can’t eliminate caller on-hold time, but by integrating mobile users and additional extensions (up to 1000 users at a single site), calls can be connected more quickly.

On Hold Music For Avaya Integration

For Avaya IP Office systems that are located on site (a phone system with a physical presence at your place of business) the music on hold integration is simple and flexible. There are three basic on hold options:

  1. .wav file played internally
  2. External device such as a music on hold player or streaming moh player
  3. Tone (annoying beep)

External Device Needed

Using an external device, such as a streaming player provided with the Easy On Hold music on hold stream is the best way to easily provide music on hold for Avaya phone systems. Easy On Hold’s custom streaming solution programs your on-hold audio to change without any intervention by you, so your callers hear messages that are always current and always changing. Avaya IP Office 500 DiagramTo attach an external device, use the monaural (mono) RCA jack output from the device and plug it into the Audio jack on the Avaya Server. (See AUDIO in above diagram of the Avaya IP Office 500.)


As with many systems, the Avaya IP Office must be programmed to activate music on hold from the external source. The following instructions are provided by Avaya. On the Manager application go to the System and select the Telephony tab. You then need to select the sub tab “Tones and Music”. Avaya IP system source On this screen you can see the section Hold Music and the first option is to choose the System Source. If you drop down the option box you can see the three different options. Avaya IP External Source MOH screen shotChange the System Source to External and plug the device into the Audio Port on the back of the IP Office system. NOTE: The system will need to be rebooted to make this change. Test the music on hold source by pressing *34 on your phone. You should hear the same audio that is coming from the music on hold device.

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