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On Hold Message Scripts

Credit Union Messages On Hold Engage Members


Why Credit Union Messages On Hold? Earlier in 2016fff, Easy On Hold participated in the Michigan Credit Union League Marketing and Lending Conference in Kalamazoo, MI. We had a theme of, “Do You Just Happen To Be Obsessed With Member Engagement.” because in the credit union environment, you’ve got to engage members. Specifically, we want […]

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How To Write Annoying Message On Hold Scripts

Overwhelmed businessman in white shirt and tie having a headache during a stressful phone conversation. Tired thoughtful businessman with one hand on his forehead taking a tedious phone call.

How To Write Annoying Message On Hold Scripts It’s easy to write a message on hold script that turns people off! If you’re the caller who has been placed on hold, you’re already annoyed. Who likes to hold? Then there’s the drone of awful synthesizer music, layered with a voiceover that is completely focused on […]

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