Avaya Streaming In Queue
and On Hold Music & Messages

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  • http and HLS streams for AAMS.
  • Content management portal.
  • Licensed music, including popular hits.
  • Redundant, customized streams.
  • Fully supported Avaya integration.
Easy On Hold Streaming MOH (music on hold) Solution

Avaya Aura® Music and Message On Hold Streams

Achieve higher caller satisfaction ratings with unique custom streaming MOH content.

  • Avaya Aura Media Server (v7+) does an excellent job of intaking streaming MOH (messages on hold/music on hold) in either of two formats: http mp3 (ICY protocol) and HLS (Apple).
  • AAMS automatically records 15 minutes of audio content as a backup in the event the streaming server is unreachable.
  • While Avaya documentation mention Tunein Radio, please note that due to music licensing regulations, a better solution is the Easy On Hold solution, which includes all performance licenses.
  • Learn more: Avaya Aura MS documentation and Avaya Aura® 8.1.X Platform
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easy on hold customer control panel on a tablet

Allow business and marketing teams to manage on hold music and messages remotely.

  • Stream content is managed from a personalized, user-friendly control panel. Multiple persons may have log in privileges.
  • Changes are heard immediately on the stream, or can be scheduled with custom start and stop dates.
  • Streaming audio content can be shared across multiple call groups, or uniquely assigned to each of many call groups (sales, support, regions, etc.).
  • Emergency messages can be quickly turned on (with automatic stop date) for a particular queue.
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Learn about streaming queue music and messages (MOH) in Avaya AAMS.