Music On Hold by Easy On Hold

Music on hold messages: marketing to a captive audience.

Scripts, voices, music.

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Cait Downey

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Daniel Steinfeld
Toronto Argonauts

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Brad Warner
Fairless Credit Union

Let our team create a custom demo production just for you—free—in 3 days or less.

Delivery Systems

Next-generation streaming technology, or audio files.

Like Pandora® or Netflix®, your messages on hold can be streamed live to your phones. This system includes equipment, if needed, and your own control panel, for making immediate programming changes. Exclusively from Easy On Hold.

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Download audio files from your own Admin Panel for use on your own equipment or phone system. If your phone system cannot use an external player, you'll receive audio files formatted correctly for your phone system.

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Low monthly, annual or no-contract options.

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  • Easy monthly payments or one-time annual fee.
  • Prices based on frequency of message updates.
  • Free use of equipment, if needed.
  • OnSIP and Asterisk pricing based on number of users.
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The buyout, or no-contract option allows you to purchase one or more custom 4-minute music on hold messages productions. Each production is 400 words with a music background. This package is a good choice if you do not plan on updating messages or changing them over time. Equipment must be purchased separately.


For phone systems that accept an external device for music on hold (moh) playback.

  • Included free with your monthly or annual package.
  • For live streaming messages/music on hold only.
  • Wired or wireless internet connection.
  • Big LCD screen for easy setup.
  • Built-in speaker to hear live stream.
  • Auto restart in the event of power loss.
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  • Plays .mp3 files stored on included USB drive.
  • Built-in speaker to hear audio files.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Auto-restart in the event of power loss.
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music on hold expert Julie Cook Let our team create a custom demo production just for you—free—in 3 days or less.