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NEW: Streaming Music On Hold Messages

Our streaming message on hold service broadcasts from the cloud right to your phone. Play the live stream you hear when you call Easy On Hold.

Sandi Duxbury of Rhode Island Medical Imaging "Compared to MUZAK, Easy On Hold is a breath of fresh air. I always had someone that I could call with questions."
—Sandi Duxbury, Rhode Island Medical Imaging

Hear samples of Easy On Hold productions in use in your industry. Your message on hold script will be all your own, of course, but here are some ideas.

Get the facts about your own streaming channel playing music and announcements scripted and recorded to inspire your callers while they wait on hold.

Easy On Hold messages service for major brands such as Hess, Hubspot, Norgwegian Cruise Line, Gaiam, Republic Services and more.

What customers are saying about Easy On Hold

Donny Cox Donny Cox
8/29/14 11:53AM
RI Medical Imaging

“Easy On Hold is great to work with and produces quick turn around time with top quality work. We have used their custom message on hold services for several years and continue to receive compliments regarding our on-hold messages.”

Eye Doctor Music On Hold Laura Hans
7/30/14 9:53AM
Hubbel Eye Clinic

"Great job and very professional."

Jack DelperdangJack Delperdang
8/15/14 4:55PM

"Custom on hold messaging offers useful information that makes the “on-hold” process less boring and painful while reducing dropped calls. Unlimited, easy and automatic message changes makes Easy On Hold the right solution for improving customer service”.

Corey TyriverCorey Tyriver
7/3/14 3:08PM

"I recommend Easy On Hold as a marketing tool. They specialize in a new streaming technology with a "Pandora-like" hold experience that no other provider is offering. Very cool stuff."


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3Click and listen. Choose a low-cost monthly plan or one-time buyout. Make changes until you're satisfied.

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Carlo's Bakery—Please Hold

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Hollywood Adopts Easy On Hold Streaming Architecture

Avatar filmed at client MBS New client MBS Media Campus (formerly Manhattan Beach Studios) turns to Easy On Hold for custom marketing messages. MBS is the home of Marvel Studios as well as major film and television producers, including the upcoming Avatar sequel, and NBC-TV's The Voice. The studio was searching for next-generation streaming on-demand technology, and discovered that only Easy On Hold had it.


Are You Missing A Big Marketing Opportunity?

Julie Cook, President of Easy On Hold

In a media saturated world, persuading through interruption and repetition is increasingly ineffective. To engage consumers, advertisers must focus on where and when they will be receptive. With traditional marketing becoming less effective, smart marketers are shifting focus from targeted campaigns to ongoing presence. When customers call you and have to wait on hold, will you provide a helpful, rewarding presence?


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Voices, Languages, Translations

Voices for Telephone Announcements

  • Voices in multiple languages for telephone automated attendant, IVR, prompts, on-hold messages.
  • Translations and voice talent delivered in the proper file format for your system.
  • Recent translations and recordings: English (US), English (UK), Spanish, French (Canadian), German, Russian, Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Farsee, Serbian-Croatian.
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