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See what happened when we kept asking, "What if...?". What if there was a better way to do messages on hold? The new and better way to connect with callers is here.

What a little creativity can do.

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Find out what to expect from Easy On Hold by watching this short video. Our process is remarkably simple. After all, we're "Easy On Hold"!

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Questions & Answers About Messages, Music and More

How does music on hold work on my phones?

Most phone systems can use a external device, or music on hold player to play audio into the phone system. When callers are placed on hold, they will hear the messages "in progress" rather than from the beginning. Newer "hosted" VOIP phone systems may not allow an external device and may in fact play an uploaded audio file from the beginning every time the hold button is pressed.

Learn how music on hold works

On hold announcements or auto attendant? What's the difference?

When you call a business and the phone is answered by a recorded voice, you are hearing an automated attendant, also called auto-attendant, IVR, voice prompts or call tree. For some systems, these announcements can be recorded by Easy On Hold®, but sometimes these greetings must be called into the system "live". If at any time your call is transferred or if someone pushes the hold button, a separate recording called a music on hold message will play.

Learn more about phone voice greetings

Message On Hold Marketing Case Studies

dentist office on hold music


whitening options • Hidden Braces®, Invisalign®, aesthetic brackets • social media • children's dentistry • cosmetic dentistry.

"We were very impressed with the script. I wish every group of people we did business with was as talented, efficient and pleasant as the Easy On Hold® team." — Dr. Ben Balevi, Eastview Dental, Ontario CA

vet pet hospital uses on hold messages


parasite prevention • boarding services • accupuncture • nutrition • emergencies • dental care • website and social media.

"We are very happy with Easy On Hold®! They worked with us to make our on hold message personal and informative. We would definitely recommend them." — North Boros Veterinary Hospital

credit union exterior where on hold messages are in use

Credit Union

home equity loans • auto loans • member loyalty programs • youth accounts • online banking • secure and trustworthy • upcoming events.

"We have seen loan volume increase threefold since adding Easy On Hold®." — Brad Warner, Fairless Credit Union, Fairless Hills, PA

healthcare medical industry on hold audio customer


prepare patients prior to their visit • hours, parking, location • patient comfort • meet the doctors • special services • healthy living tips.

"Excellent, EASY and Effortless. I would recommend this service to EVERYONE!" — Jen Miranda, Ardor Health Solutions, Coral Springs, FL

john deere dealer that uses Easy On Hold messages

Agriculture & Turf

parts department promotions • limited-time financing • holiday music • get ready for winter, spring • Deere Season.

"Everyone we work with is very nice and very helpful! All of our on hold messages were ready very quickly! Great company to work with!" — Amanda Hadley, Coastal Equipment, Virginia Beach, VA

two lovely senior ladies at assisted living facility that uses Easy On Hold messages

Assisted Living

facility features and comforts • medical care levels, nursing, therapy • quality of care • social and community events.

"Easy On Hold® is one of the best values we can recommend. The process is simple, music and vocal choices are excellent and their customer service is second to none." — Liz Countess, Practice Marketing Specialists, Inc.

big truck moving down the highway


driver excellence • dedicated logistics offers • warehouse • certifications • safety • drivers wanted.

Our customers stay informed and entertained when on hold. I would definitely recommend Easy On Hold® to everyone." — Tami Phelps, Commercial Truck Co., Salinas, CA

orthodontist with patient


Incognito Hidden Braces® • Invisalign® • start treatment at the right time • contests, patient events and marketing events • website and social media.

"The customer support is excellent. I enjoyed working with your company." — Lauren Kendall, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Denver CO

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Compared to Muzak, Easy On Hold® is a breath of fresh air! I always had someone I could call with questions.

Sandy Duxbury Rhode Island Medical Imaging

"I worked with many companies, but none have exceeded my expectations like Easy On Hold®. They do everything they promise, and more."

Gary Rosner endorses Easy On Hold

Gary Rosner
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