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Credibility Sells


A custom music on hold message can make your company sound professional. Go a step further, however, and be sure to include trust-building statements that are backed up by facts.

What evidence does a decision-maker have that your company is a good choice? Making general claims such as, “We’re dedicated…” or, “No one beats our deals…” just won’t tip the scales in your favor any more. You need to provide proof.

Want to be credible? Be specific. As in numbers. In an effort to add real meat to the message on hold,  articulate specific, relevant facts. Here are some examples:

  • Ten years in the business. Fifty-five parts professionals. Five-hundred-thousand parts in stock.
  • This winter, four out of every ten homes will lose fifty dollars-worth of energy because of leaky windows.
  • Last year we answered one-hundred percent of our service calls within five hours.
  • One dealership offers free car washes for life. One dealership provides a one-hundred-thousand-mile warranty on every certified pre-owned vehicle.
  • While many businesses are reducing staff, Omnicast increased our service staff by 25 percent in 2009.
  • Our fourteen service vehicles cover all of northern Ohio, so you won’t have to wait when you need us.

Your hold music message is not a company brochure. It’s a golden opportunity to put forward facts and ideas that tell a potential buyer that they’ve made the right call.

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