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Repetitive Marketing Is Effective Marketing


There’s an old-school on-hold marketing approach that says, “load up that script with all the content you can dream up. Throw everything in it–including the kitchen sink!”

I cringe when I work with a client with that kind of thinking because what they don’t understand is that repetitive marketing is effective marketing. One-size-fits-all marketing falls flat. A script that tries to cover too much ground is like throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks; a little bit does, but the rest just slowly falls to the ground leaving behind a real mess.

On hold marketing works best when you limit your message to a single idea, and resell it over and over by writing each paragraph a bit differently.

For example:

A plastic surgery/facial rejuvenation office would like to entice prospects and customers to try something new, using a “special offer”. Old school on hold would work one paragraph about the special into a laundry list of other paragraphs (hours, the facility, the dermatologist, the new this, the new that). Of course those are all good things, but if building business is the goal, then why only mention the promotions once? It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette with your most important message.

My preference would be to write 5-6 different paragraphs about the same promotion, but in the first paragraph, briefly mention the convenient hours for booking your new procedure at that special price. The next paragraph would indeed mention the new modern facility where you’ll be getting your new procedure done–at that special price! Then talk about the dermatologist who will be providing your new procedure–at that special price, and so on.

The repetitive message doesn’t get missed with any of your callers.

“But I don’t run specials,” you say. “I do want my callers to hear a variety of ideas; I’m okay with that.”

Yes, I understand that not all companies are alike, and your goal may not be as sales-driven as the example above. But keep this in mind: Hold time really is most effective for you when you answer the question, “What do I want my callers to do with the information they’re receiving while on hold?” Without a call to action, you simply have a dull brochure that’s all about you, not the caller.

Once you’ve decided what action your callers can take to receive maximum value, don’t bury it. Get it out front and repeat, repeat.

With the Easy On Hold Anytime Plan, you have the freedom to keep your message very targeted…and if you’re using one of our internet-load players, you can have us add or remove content based on specific dates which we program into your unit. Perfect for time-sensitive promotions.

Our scriptwriters are ready to help you bring a more targeted focus to your scripts. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help provide ideas.


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